Troll-Slaying 101

by on February 23, 2015

Greetings, scrumptious one! If you’re new here and want regular goddess-y lusciousness in your life, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or pop your email in the opt-in box. Till next time, be well, be happy but mostly, be YOU!Angelface, there will always be trolls. There will always be those who prowl […]


Totally Transform Your Whole Life + Biz With This One (Delicious) Practice (And Introducing The Metaphorical Mentoring Squad)

October 31, 2014

If you asked me, what’s the ONE THING that I’ve done over the past year or so that has led to the weight-loss + life-upgrading + 300%-pay-raise that I’ve enjoyed over the past year or so, (and somebody did, btw), I would say it’s this: Every Monday morning, without fail, I take myself + my […]

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About That Magic Glue You’re Looking For …

October 13, 2014

Following my Backstage Pass to TMI missive last Friday (which you can read it here if you *gasp* didn’t see it), I got oodles of responses + questions + thanks-for-the-honesty’s from the Lovelies-on-my-List. (You can join this delicious inner circle of glorious women here) Deeply appreciate that. Thank you. There were several along thishere line […]

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Your Backstage Pass to TMI

September 29, 2014

There’s been soooo much going on in my private life (ok, in my head, mostly, with occasional spill-overs into Facebook + thishereblog) that it’s been rather walk-the-line tricksy to know where keep-this-to-yourself ends and this-might-help-others begins, ya’ know? I deeply believe that (eventually) your mess becomes your message, but in empire-building + movement-creation (which is […]

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5 Ways That Menu-Planning Will Awesomize Your Wallet, Waistline + Life

August 4, 2014

This goddess began menu planning for a rather un-motherly (ok, selfish) reason … I just wanted to be on stage.                   In those days, I had a busy + brilliant life in the theater. I would do an average of one big musical + a Shakespeare + […]

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RULES ~ Know ‘Em So You Can Break ‘Em

June 20, 2014

Scrumptious one, How many times do we think we ‘know better’ than those who’s success we envy? “Well yes, I reallyreally want to be a wildly successful coach and/or get my Starfleet Commander pin for my mlm and/or lose this weight/debt/internal-baggage … but I want to do it MY way.” How often does the need […]

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Who You’re BEing In Your Business is Just As Important As What You’re DOing ~ If Not More So.

June 9, 2014

Last week, this goddess proved rather epically to herself that who you’re BEing in business is just as important as what you’re DOing. (of course, this is true in life too, but we’re focusing on business this time, ‘kay?) Actually, some would say it’s more important but I kinda feel that without the doing, beingness […]

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What I Learned From Reading My Own Journal … Probably TMI, But There Ya Go

May 30, 2014

  “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.” ~ Oscar Wilde       November 2013, I was paging through my journal on the plane home from San Diego. I’d just been to the Live the Dream … a large event for network marketers (which […]

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Goddess Wink # 371

May 29, 2014

Seriously, angelface, the last thing you need is more advice or ‘constructive criticism’. (Can I get an amen?) Much more helpful is when somebody spots when you’re in your joy. “You totally light up when you talk about …” “Your whole body language changes when you’re doing … ” You get the idea. When you […]

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May 28, 2014

Hey, magicpants, Things are a-changing round here! Have you noticed? There’s a kind of shift-y, unfolding energy everywhere you look. Spring is busting out all over, and (if you follow that kind of thing) there’ve been things going on in the heavens that astrologers haven’t seen in thousands of years. *Cue David Bowie in all […]

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