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Wedding Day 1982

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and once again I was blessed to be able to shower The Center of My Universe
with appreciation for the 24+ years he’s been a fabulous Dad to our two Tax Deductions.

But it suddenly struck me while munching my second piece of toast and marmelade,
(I really shouldn’t, but it’s Very good marmelade!)
how much our relationship has changed over the past few years.
Especially as I gone through this whole ‘Quitting to Goddess’ journey.

You see, in the early days, when I was an 18 year old bride and he a ‘mature’ college professor of 24,
I believed that I needed a partner (ie husband) to succeed in life.

I believed that for years.

Rather like the famous quote from ‘Toby Maguire’ … and later ‘Austin Powers’,
I would look at him and think,

“You complete me.”

But I don’t think that anymore.

Because to believe someone ‘completes’ you, indicates that you believe that you are lacking in some way.

That you’re ‘missing’ some vital piece.

Throughout history, women have been conditioned to believe that without a man we are helpless,
and without children we are incomplete.

And oh my dear, glorious magnificent one …

That Is Simply Not True!


“A Woman needs a Man
like a fish needs a bicycle.”
~ Irina Dunn

You don’t need anyone, any job or any thing to complete you.

Yes, you can choose to share your life, your dreams, your heart with someone.

And you can channel all your energies and hopes in to an opportunity, or job, or child.

But let those things complement, not supplement you.


Everything you need you already have.
You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person,
not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else.
Your completeness must be understood by you
and experienced in your thoughts
as your own personal reality.

~ Wayne Dyer

You are divine.

You are whole, and wonderful and utterly luscious.

Just as You are.

(Even Pink says so!)

You have everything you need inside you to be, do and have whatever you desire.

To think anything different is unworthy of the luscious, self-determined and Powerful being you are.

Live your life from this perspective,
and spouses, children, riches and bliss become the cherries on the cake.

I think you’re amazing.


The goddess known as Jacqui

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Megan Brown June 25, 2011 at 10:23 pm

Hi, i hear you on that one and I agree with most of the things you said but I would say though I don’t really believe in someone completing me, I can’t deny that my husband complements me and takes the best out of me. Been believing in that for years now and till now I was never given the chance to think otherwise, or question that.


Jacqueline Gates June 25, 2011 at 11:04 pm

Ahh Megan, you hit the nail on the head here.
My husband complements me too – and has done for nearly 30 years – and I always say that I wouldn’t
have become the woman I am without his inexhaustible belief in me.

I know I would be lost without him.
The difference is that I wouldn’t be LESS without him.


Heather@comfort shoes June 29, 2011 at 2:42 pm

I agree you first need to be happy and feel complete with your self and to let anyone or anything complete you because eventually you will always feel that you need something form the outside to fulfill you instead on believing in your self.


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