About Me

I am the Goddess known as Jacqui.

I became a goddess working for Starbucks for $7 an hour and this blog is a kind of travel-log of that journey.

And I believe YOU are a goddess too!

Or maybe you’d rather think of yourself as a Diva-liscious Mogul.
Maybe a RockStar Mom.
How about  Hippy-Dippy Millionaire Philanthropist?

Perhaps  Gypsy Dream Weaver.

Whatever it is, I bet it’s a darn sight more luscious and deeply empowering than the labels that society has lumped on you since the day you were born.

You see, angel heart, I believe there is soul-magic in deliberately CHOOSING a label/name/title that reflects the real you. I believe there is power in creating a home/sanctuary/nest for yourself that nurtures and nourishes you and your family.  I believe far too many of us spend our days overwhelmed, unfulfilled and as Thoreau said, ‘in quiet desperation’.

This goddess is out to change all that!

Sweatheart, listen close.

You are soooooo much greater than what you’re currently manifesting.

Isn’t it time you owned it?








~ and keep in touch, won’t you?




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