Abundance on a Budget

Abundance On A Budget

Hellooo, you FAHbulous person, you!

Lemme save you quickly scrolling to the bottom of the page to find out the $$ amount –
(yea, I know. I do that too!)

The whole program is $50

Why only $50?
Because I remember when I didn’t have the money
to buy the program
that would help me make the money
to buy the program
that would help me make the money
to buy the program. (
insert endless loop)

Rock. Hard Place.
Not helpful.

Also … hello. budget!

I’m not being sales-y or market-y when I tell you that AbundanceOnABudget WILL be worth a great deal more than you pay for it,
not just in actual $$ flowing in, (although that tends to happen)
but in ease and grace and a feeling of sovereignty over your shekels.

That’s the priceless part, yes?

Abundance on a Budget contains everything I’ve learned about LIVING Rich-ly right now, with what you have,
while your wallet catches up with your intentions for MORE..

If you been in my world for more than 10 minutes,
you know I don’t do scarcity.
I don’t do deprivation.

I do Betterment and the Sovereign Stewardship of Resources.

This is like no other ‘money’ program you’ll ever take.
If you work it, it will work.

There are three main training categories – Head + Home + Handbag – because when you change one thing, everything changes

Each packed-full of ways to live richly NOW,
with what you have,
right were you are,
so that more rich-ness can avalanche in.

decorative-lines-large-free-images-at-clker-com-vector-clip-art-zyhzxl-clipart-300x300HEAD :

  • You won’t feel so overwhelmed by the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
    (In fact, the gap will lessen.)
  • The one mind-meddle that cannot help but deliver you exactly what you want.
  • You’ll learn the #1 mistake most debt/finance programs make from an LOA stand-point, and the fun-and-simple way to change it.
  • You’ll be able to look clear-eyed at your finances + know exactly where to go from there.
  • And you won’t feel deprived/confined or have to give up stuff that makes your world better … like lattes.

decorative-lines-large-free-images-at-clker-com-vector-clip-art-zyhzxl-clipart-300x300HOME :

  • Your home will look more like where-you’re-going, rather than where-you’ve-been.
    (somewhat obscure, I know. But, there it is)
  • You’ll stop battling against it, which frees up copious amounts of energy for other, more fun-and-lucrative stuff.
  • Your home will begin to feel rich to you, without having to break the piggy bank or take out a loan

decorative-lines-large-free-images-at-clker-com-vector-clip-art-zyhzxl-clipart-300x300HANDBAG :

  • You’ll learn the small shift of focus that almost always brings more money in.
  • Your money will serve your fabulous life, rather than your life being constantly made decidedly un-fabulous by your money.
  • You’ll know exactly what your flavour of Rich-ness looks like, and all the distractions + money-wasters fall away.

Abundance on a Budget is unlike any other program I’ve created or even participated in.

When I began to structure this program, I wanted it to allow you to do the following –

  • Be able to go through it all systematically the first time;
  • Be able to easily pop back in for refreshers or re-inspiration;
  • Be ongoing + evergreen, so there’s always something new along with the always-relevant stuff.

I didn’t want to offer you hour-long classes with copious notes, because
a) that kind of time-slot is hard to schedule into a busy life and therefore makes it easier to skip;
and b) this material is meant to be LIVED, in between the learnings,
ie, learn something, implement. Learn something, implement.

So to facilitate that, the recordings are seldom more than 10 minutes long, and every single recording has a pdf of the full transcription, so that you can read-rather-than-listen, if that’s what fits your style and time-allotment.

The format is as follows:

  • Each module has at least one, but often several sections.
  • Each has a bite-sized audio + a full transcript. Both are downloadable for you to keep.
  • Each has an implementation called Practical Magics.

Every module is divinely practical –

 which means you’ll know what to do next,
right now,
with what you have,
to get closer to what you want.

On August 16th, we met for the very first live Q&A.
It was potent + imminently practical + the recording is already on the Program page.

There’s another one from September there too.

Every-so-often, I’ll let you know of another live Q&A call.
You’ll get another nugget or two of enRICHment + the chance to pick my brain on whatever’s got you flummoxed/wobbly/procrastinating.

This way, you get to mosey through + implement the material at your own pace + in your own way
(hellooo, Sovereignty)
AND you have live access for one-on-one attention if you want it.

Sounds good?


Here’s how this will unfold  :

Once you’ve done the Paypal thing, you’ll get an email giving you the link + secret-key-password to the Welcome page. It has a couple of pre-setting lessons to get you all aligned with this program + where you can go with it + how you can take fullest advantage of all the potent info it. You’ll have a few days to work through the modules, at your own pace,  implementing and immersing as guided in each module’s ‘Practicalities’ section.

Then a couple of days later, you’ll get a link to the Main Program page (also with super-secret-don’t-tell-your-mother password to unlock the vault). You have life-long access to this page.



PPS You’ll also get the legendary Goddess Winks twice a week. What you won’t get is spammed or triggered or sold. Your inbox is sacred space. I’m honoured to be welcomed there.


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