April Awesomization ~ Thank you!

April Awesomization


YES! You’re in!


I couldn’t be more delighted that you’ve done this for yourself. *hugs*

Call details

Because this is a public page, all details for the call on April 1st will be posted in the FB group.


Group details

Please make sure you request to join our Facebook group

That’s where all the coaching/masterminding/awesomization will take place, and where I’ll be communicating with y’all,┬áso head on over there right now, ok?


Email support

By the way, during this month, you can also email me with stuff that you’re not comfortable sharing in the group. Y’all know my address. Private messaging on FB also works.

Important: Please put APRIL AWESOMIZATION in the subject line, so I don’t miss your message.


Can’t wait to hear your glorious self on the call, and in the group.

Bliss-ings as always,






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