Blog Challenge Challenges ~ Where To Find Ideas For Posts!

by on May 26, 2011

So, luvvlies, this goddess is embarking on another blog challenge!

You remember, I did one a while back, while doing a gazillion other things at the same time, and nearly lost what few marbles I have left!

But I completed it (the celebration entailed feathers – what can I say!)

and the thrill of that moment (plus the rather satisfying increase in traffic and goddesses-who-follow-me, not to mention being awarded a Blogging Mastery award and becoming one of the Top 50 MLM blogs) has inspired to me take on another one with my partner/mentor Diane Hochman and the rest of the team at the Home and Small Business Network.

Not that I should be doing this right now since I’m planning to put my house on the market AND I’m taking on several new coaching clients this month, but I’ve learned not to “kiss a gift horse on the mouth” as my malapropism-prone mother would say.

Plus I’m about to embark on a third consecutive 90 day plan and this seemed as good a kick in the proverbial arse as any to keep the momentum going.

But an interesting thing happened …

The minute I agreed to join the blitz with my team …

this normally so-talkative-you-can’t-shut-her-up goddess completely ran out of things to say!!

It’s like my muse just up and left, just when I needed her most!

I’m sure a lot of bloggers have had the same experience.

Here’s how I solved it.

I spent an afternoon in Barnes & Noble.


It was that simple.

Browsing up and down the aisles relevant to my goddesses and my passion for Self-labelling, reading just the titles on the books, gave me several dozen ideas.
Wandering through the magazine section gave me still more!

I ended up with twelve new blog post titles and I know more will flow from those.

And the bestest part is ~ these publications have already been researched and tweaked by all sorts of marketing wizards, so the keywords are all right there.

All this inspiration for the price of a double tall, no foam latte.
(ok, you don’t have to get the latte, but I felt some exchange was in order.)

So now, when the blogging muse disappears at an inopportune moment, I’ll know where to find her ~
she’s hanging out at the local bookstore!

Hope that helps you when you have your next writer’s block, dear heart.

If you think this might be useful to your friends, so pass it on by using the share buttons,

and if you have any other tips for overcoming a blog challenge, pop it into the comment box.

Till tomorrow, scrumptious one!



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David@Gold for leveling June 3, 2011 at 1:31 am

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Shine@Barns November 6, 2011 at 7:07 am

I wish I could be a better writer.


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