Blog Mastery Award and Paying It Forward

by on November 11, 2010

Oh the lusciousness of it all!

I feel rather like the goddess known as Katherine Hepburn who once said, “It’s always nice to get another Oscar.”

And this goddess was nominated Twice!

“…And I’d like to thank my dear friends Holly Fulford-Jeffrey and JoAnn Donahue for their luvverly compliment in nominating me for this prestigious award , and to the inspired and inspiring Belinda Cunningham for creating it in the first place…”

So, in the true spirit of Paying It Forward, I too get a chance to lavish glorious attention on the blogsĀ  and their authors, that either make my day or make my business, or both.

Here are the nominees, in no particular order …

The kooky, brilliant, charismatic and utterly Real Diane Hochman ~ without whose mentorship, coaching, and initial kick-in-the-pants I would not be where I am today;

The WordPress goddess known as Kimberly Castleberry ~ my blog, and my life has been enriched beyond measure since we met;

The genius of Seth Godin ~ his nuggets of wisdom in my inbox each morning never, ever fail to get me thinking;

The Luminous Kellie Hosaka ~ first just a tribe mate, now a friend and inspiration;

The goddess of Online Network Marketing, Jackie Ulmer ~ the sponsor who became a friend, the ultimate example of how to do things Right online;

The wildly English domestic goddess known as Alison, author of the scrumptious Brocante Home, who singlehandedly revived my passion for vintage housekeeping and frilly aprons;

The Incomparable Sire at Wassup Blog ~ who in one visit taught me the value of answering replies and true conversation (note to Sire – need a bigger picture, dude);

and finally, the whole gloriously individual team over at the Home and Small Business network ~ my new home and happy place.

I may have forgotten someone that I’ll need to add later,and I do apologize if that’s the case,

but dahlings, you know how they time these acceptance speeches …

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