Creating Abundance

“It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” ~ W. Somerset Maugham  **Note: Angelface, feel free to zoot past the how-I-found-this-brilliance explanation, straight to get the UPGRADE list. I understand you’re busy, but do yourself a favour, ok? Don’t just read-and-nod. DO […]


There’s something revelatory about going back into the family home and viewing it through grown-up eyes, don’t you think? I just got back from a trip to South Africa … my first in two -and-a-bit years. Being home was wonderful, and warm (read, helluva-hot-with-no-airconditioning!) and ummm .. eye-opening, to say the least. Somehow, on this […]


A few weeks ago, this goddess had a meltdown.. (yes, it’s taken a while to feel ‘solid’ enough to share it.) I created something, offered it up for sale, and it tanked. Utterly. To say I was gutted is an understatement. Awash in total and utter, heart-squeezing disappointment. Crushing sadness at what hadn’t happened “as […]


**And I can hear you all going, “WHAAAAT?” There was a time when this goddess would never have even contemplated a life without books. But two things happened … and everything changed. Thing #1 I’ve always loved libraries ~ to me, the energy of the wisdom, wit, learning and laughter contained within those bright covers […]


I’ve always been a trifle (ok, very!) envious of people who seem to know how to get money to pour into their lives. You know, the ones who have the Midas touch. People like Donald Trump who’s “wealth thermostat” seems to be set on ‘billionaire’ even when he’s in the middle of bankruptcy. Or people […]


Darling heart, if you’re feeling stuck, I soooo understand! I’ve feeling stuck for months and months now, unable to decide which way to go, whether to follow this path or that, or to just swing my goddess wand and strike out on my own. Here’s what’s changed … and how I’ve changed it. PS The […]


My parents’ influence on me has never been as obvious to me as it was when I was with them in South Africa this past month, having not been home for over three years.   So, you multi-talented, glorious being you, do you still hear your mother’s voice telling you that that top doesn’t go […]


Dahlings, when I read this post by self-proclaimed Gratitude Goddess, the glorious Shanna Maretsky, on her equally fabulous mom’s blog, I knew I just had to share it with you word for word. So here you are, scrumptious ones, absolute proof that the words you use will either create your dream life, or keep you […]


When one owns this many make-a-million-dollars-in-a-month books, one gets to wonder why one’s bank account does not reflect said million. Surely, since I have actually read all of them, there should be several zeros behind the lone digit on my balance sheet. Or perhaps the lack of funds is in direct correlation to the number […]

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