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For the first time in my adventures as a non-home-owning, globe-trotting work-wherever goddess, I have a landlord coming to do an INSPECTION of my nest!! Apparently a regular occurrence when you rent your home, but very new to me. I’m betwixt-and-between about this. The note attached to my door informs me that – “apartments should […]

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  So you want to lose weight? Your house can help with that. I think I must’ve lost + regained the same weight a hundred times over. Every year on January 1st, I’d write “lose 20lbs” as the very first New Year’s Resolution. I have journals to prove it and it was so depressing to look […]

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This goddess began menu planning for a rather un-motherly (ok, selfish) reason … I just wanted to be on stage.                   In those days, I had a busy + brilliant life in the theater. I would do an average of one big musical + a Shakespeare + […]


LOA Nesting is a term I came up with to describe how I use my home as a manifesting tool to create the luscious life I now enjoy. Intrigued? You should be. Because your home can be your greatest ally in creating the life you dream of.   Before we go any further, let me […]


Do you have the “I Hate Housework” blues? You only do laundry when there’s nothing left to wear. There are dust bunnies the size of kittens under the couch and things growing in the back of the fridge that Louis Pasteur would find fascinating. You hate housework because it cuts into your creative time, your […]


Now, you might think I’m weird, or perhaps completely bonkers, but this goddess absolutely adores washing dishes. After dinner is done, Husband Muffin goes off to do some work in the office, Youngest Tax Deduction goes off to study, and the hubbub of lively conversation is replaced with the clink of freshly scrubbed glasses, china […]


**Gentle reader, Part 1 of this adventure is here. You’ll need to read it first so that this bit makes sense!! I’ll wait …** Ready now? Good. Let’s continue … We’ve been in our GA home for nearly six years, and I’ve truly loved every minute of it. From the moment I walked into the […]


by on June 23, 2011

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and once again I was blessed to be able to shower The Center of My Universe with appreciation for the 24+ years he’s been a fabulous Dad to our two Tax Deductions. But it suddenly struck me while munching my second piece of toast and marmelade, (I really shouldn’t, but it’s […]


Greetings, fabulous one! I’m always thrilled to begin spring cleaning because it always seems to be followed by a surge of abundance … both in energy and in money. Spring has very definitely Sprung here in Atlanta, and I hope that even you Northerners are beginning to feel the stirrings of all that new energy […]


So it occured to me this Sunday that it would be an utterly splendid idea if I showed you how to make scones for an ever-so-English Afternoon Tea. This goddess totally adores Sundays and especially our family tradition of  Afternoon Tea at half-time, and even especially more when I learned how to make scones as […]

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