Goddess at Work

I launched my first program to the lovelies on my list, on Thursday, August 8th, 2013. I cannot express to y’all the vast transformation embedded in that seemly innocuous statement. Underneath it are three and a half years (I counted!) of seething self doubt, worthless-ness, struggle, frustration and tears of rage. Of jumping from one [...]


A few weeks ago, this goddess had a meltdown.. (yes, it’s taken a while to feel ‘solid’ enough to share it.) I created something, offered it up for sale, and it tanked. Utterly. To say I was gutted is an understatement. Awash in total and utter, heart-squeezing disappointment. Crushing sadness at what hadn’t happened “as [...]


Today, my body and I went for a walk. Not the hit-the-hills-and-push-till-you-pant type walks we usually go on … at my insistence … because I’m hating the way she looks, but a quieter, more gentle, look-at-the-spring-buds-on-that-tree type walk. An introverted walk. A feel-the-sun-on-your-skin walk. A “please won’t you say something’ walk. You see, my body’s [...]


So there I was, balanced on one leg, other one straight out behind me, trying to hold an elegant T shape while sweat dripped steadily off my nose. (There is absolutely no way to phrase this delicately, so I won’t even bother.) Now the sweating thing wasn’t surprising considering that the room was heated to [...]


As I begin to build a network marketing business for the first time since The Great Quitting of January 2010, this freshly minted Business Goddess has gone back to basics. Just been listening to a call by Andre Vatke on the Leaders’ Club 7 Day Plan about … ironically enough … LEADERSHIP. In a word [...]


Sell What You USE!

by on January 4, 2012

I know! Sounds crazy, right? I mean, most of the time, this goddess advocates getting rid of clutter, and selling what you DON’T use. But it occurred to me recently, that most of us could also make quite a tidy little sum if we would also Sell What We Use! Case in point, when my [...]


Greetings, sweetiepie! Usually this would be for Business goddesses only (you know, since it’s Wednesday). But I missed Monday’s Inner Goddess Insight because I was holed up in CT airport with no connection to ze interwebs, (long story, ask me about it when we meet!) So I thought I’d combine them both in an itty [...]


Ok, scrumptious ones … it’s time this goddess came clean. Watch this … I know it’s a bit longer than usual, but there are someĀ  important lessons buried within!     Sooo … what can YOU take away from my rather waffle-y confession? Transparency and Honesty in marketing is EVERYTHING!If you have something to hide, [...]


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been an information junkie for absolutely ever! Recipe books. Decorating books. How not to raise a bratty kid type books. And more recently, oodles and oodles of business, marketing and mindset books. But this little addiction can get rather spendy and I just hate having to choose [...]


You dream of these days … plan for them; work for them; search your soul and heart for them. And then they arrive. Bliss! Flow. Momentum. Everything feels easy and natural. And then totally and utterly screw it up! At least, that happened to this goddess! So, has this ever happened to you? I’d love [...]

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