Valentine’s day tomorrow had me thinking about love in general, and love between people, but most pointedly, about the love we have (or don’t) for ourselves. It occurred to me – with a gut-clench wallop of recognition – that if an auditioning-beau broke his word to me as often as I do to myself, I […]

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For the first time in my adventures as a non-home-owning, globe-trotting work-wherever goddess, I have a landlord coming to do an INSPECTION of my nest!! Apparently a regular occurrence when you rent your home, but very new to me. I’m betwixt-and-between about this. The note attached to my door informs me that – “apartments should […]

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I awoke this morning, finally clear about something I’ve been wobbly about ever since the election results came in. See, I’ve been dithering how to show up amidst the turmoil, how best to embody the Sovereignty that is at the core of my BEing, when the basic sovereignty of others is so much at risk. Whether […]

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  So you want to lose weight? Your house can help with that. I think I must’ve lost + regained the same weight a hundred times over. Every year on January 1st, I’d write “lose 20lbs” as the very first New Year’s Resolution. I have journals to prove it and it was so depressing to look […]

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Y’all know that saying, “Many are called. Few are chosen.”, right? Well, this goddess now believes it’s much more a case of, “Many are called. Few choose.”   Every new morning, in every minute, in every breath, you are being called to take your place in the world, to own your brilliance, to do YOU. BIGness is […]

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Troll-Slaying 101

by on February 23, 2015

Angelface, there will always be trolls. There will always be those who prowl ze interwebs + cubicles + classrooms, looking for victims or vicious amusement. But the worst troll isn’t out-there. She’s in your head. But here’s the absolutely fantabulous thing about her … she feeds on attention. She cannot … I repeat… can not […]


If you asked me, what’s the ONE THING that I’ve done over the past year or so that has led to the weight-loss + life-upgrading + 300%-pay-raise that I’ve enjoyed over the past year or so, (and somebody did, btw), I would say it’s this: Every Monday morning, without fail, I take myself + my […]


Following my Backstage Pass to TMI missive last Friday (which you can read it here if you *gasp* didn’t see it), I got oodles of responses + questions + thanks-for-the-honesty’s from the Lovelies-on-my-List. (You can join this delicious inner circle of glorious women here) Deeply appreciate that. Thank you. There were several along thishere line […]


This goddess began menu planning for a rather un-motherly (ok, selfish) reason … I just wanted to be on stage.                   In those days, I had a busy + brilliant life in the theater. I would do an average of one big musical + a Shakespeare + […]


Scrumptious one, How many times do we think we ‘know better’ than those who’s success we envy? “Well yes, I reallyreally want to be a wildly successful coach and/or get my Starfleet Commander pin for my mlm and/or lose this weight/debt/internal-baggage … but I want to do it MY way.” How often does the need […]

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