Every Day You Spend Spinning Your Wheels,
Is Another Day Further Away From Your Dreams.
Sweetheart, Isn't It Time You Went From Stuck


Darling heart, you’re in the right place if  …

  • you’re stuck in a soul-sucking job that drains your energy and is nowhere near what you really want to do;
  • you’re so swamped with kids/work/other people’s agendas that you’ve got no time for yourself anymore;
  • you’re sick of throwing money away on books and mentors and the latest ‘secret’ and seeing absolutely no change;
  • you’re about to chuck in your home business because it’s costing you more than you make;
  • your home’s a mess and you’re spending more time in the drive thru than round the dinner table;
  • you know there’s something soooo much better out there for you but you’ve got absolutely no idea what that might be or how to find it.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

 Could you make today that day for yourself, angel?

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“You are a gem, you really are. Thanks for allowing me a safe space to be me which in turn allows me to be ‘me’ to the world xxx”  ~ Monique




Alisha and Josh“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Your conversation with me the other day, your blog posts, post cards, and facebook postings have helped Josh & I immensely. You’ve helped us realize the simple little things we were over looking about life. And now we’re 1000 times x 10 more grateful for what we have right now.
Your one session was worth more than money can buy. Utterly thankful for you, your spirit, and your time. Muah!!! “-Alisha


Laura Morris




“Thinking of you today and some BIG WINS this weekend..quantum growth, sales etc.

Jacqueline Gates, you made such a difference in my life. I want you to know that.

One skype..one day..a few simple questions that opened a “Limitless” cavern inside me that had been closed for many years.

Thank you for your coaching my dear, back when you were first starting. It was more like a simple conversation, but.. it changed my life. ” ~ Laura








“Woman, you are simply amazing! People LOVE you for the goddess you are.

You make people happy. You make life look not only survivable but enjoyable.

You show people that they really can have their cake and eat it too. That a home can be a sanctuary even if they hate to clean it.

You remind them of the joys of carefully prepared treats and you make their hearts sing.” ~ Kimberly





My dear friend Jacqui ♥ …

I just wanted to write a few words of gratitude to you.

I sometimes don’t even know where to begin when saying thank you, but honestly, you are one of the most intuitive and caring people I’m met in years.

You are wise and intelligent and just simply KNOW what to say at the right time! I think you are an AMAZING coach and think anyone would be silly not to sign up for your coaching program! Like, down-right silly! ♥

Our friendship is precious to me, and I’m just so grateful to Facebook for putting us together all those years ago!” ~ Lorri



And finally, these yummy words from Kesley

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