Going Up? (or What to say in an Elevator)

by on July 26, 2010

Hmmm … let’s see now …. Day 1 of the 31DBBB challenge … make an Elevator speech for your blog.

How hard can that be?

Well, let me tell you something, Dear Ones … it’s ridiculously, maddeningly, running-round-in-circles kind of frustrating to create a one minute ‘advertisement’ for a goddess out to inspire the world!

I started off with the usual ‘pitchy’ self-promotion …

you know, the kind of salesman spiel that, if you were caught in an elevator with me, would make you want to get off three floors early and take the stairs!

Isn’t that just Utterly Awful??!

So with some on the advise of the ever-wise Kimberly Castleberry, who never fails to point out (gently, at first and then with more prodding if necessary!) when I am functioning at less than my goddess best, I spent some more time mulling over these quandaries..

  • how to sell without pitching,
  • how to be passionate without being scary,
  • how to be a goddess without sounding like a witch!

And I came to the conclusion that I was focusing on the wrong thing! I was talking about the tools rather than the outcome.

If I can help a woman step out of the ‘ordinaries’ and into the luscious, scintillating, powerful version of her Best Self – that’s what I need to let her know. That it’s possible. That I did it. That I can show her how.

So here you are ~ my Elevator Speech.

You will let me know what you think in the comment box below, won’t you? And don’t forget to opt-in before we get to your floor!

Bliss and blessings till tomorrow, Dear Ones.
the goddess known as Jacqui

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