How To Sell Your House, the Law Of Attraction Way (Part Two … What To Do When It Doesn’t Work)

by on January 5, 2013

**Gentle reader, Part 1 of this adventure is here. You’ll need to read it first so that this bit makes sense!! I’ll wait …**

Ready now? Good. Let’s continue …

We’ve been in our GA home for nearly six years, and I’ve truly loved every minute of it.Serenade Nest

From the moment I walked into the splendid soaring foyer, and she whispered, “welcome”, this house has been the absolutely perfect nest for us –
with all the space we needed for when my family visited from South Africa,
when Eldest Child returned home (again),
and when Eldest Child’s mate moved in too for a while.

But recently, both Husband Muffin and I have been feeling more and more trapped by home ownership itself.

For the past few years, we’ve been dreaming of traveling – of living the modern-day equivalent of the gypsy life, moving to different cities or states every few years to thoroughly explore the treasures of this vast country and experience all these different environments and cultures the way only a resident can.

We want to feel theSavannah Bay Street heat of Nevada deserts,
take morning walks along a Florida coast;
explore the mountains of Wyoming or Montana;
feel the thrilling energy of living downtown in a big city;
and the close-to-nature peacefulness of a rural town.

And the faded splendour of Savannah, GA beckons …

After all, he works from home (see previous post on how that magically transpired), and my coaching practice and blogging biz can be run from anywhere there’s an internet connection. So it truly felt … possible.

Owning a home didn’t fit into that scenario, so in spring of 2011, we put it on the market.

However, what had been a real bargain in 2008 had turned into an over-priced piece of bad timing, as the market fell and house values plummeted. Now, not only did we now have more mortgage than house, but banks were making it harder for buyers to qualify for financing.

In the six months it was listed with a realtor, we had one visitor.

In the following six months, we paid $400 to list it as ‘For Sale By Owner’, and we had one more visitor.

One year on the market.
Two viewers.

Not exactly the result we were looking for.

And every time we had to pay for maintenance, we chaffed at the money we wouldn’t have to spend if we were renting.

We bemoaned buying ‘at the wrong time’.

We wondered why anyone would ever want to be a homeowner when it’s so limiting/boring/expensive.

Increasingly we felt like the house was a chain around our necks, holding us back from the lifestyle we longed for.

(Notice the vibration here – it’s important)

In July of 2012, we began to see some improvement in the housing market and decided to try (yet) again, to sell it.

We listed the house with a new agent and set about doing all the LOA stuff that had worked so well in Minnesota.

I staged the house (again);
visualized the SOLD sign (again);
spent hours scrolling through rentals in the area we wanted to move to (again).

Doggedly doing what I was “supposed” to do.

The result?

We had a total of 8 visitors in 2 months.

Big whoop!!

And I don’t know if you’ve had a house for sale recently, but it seems that the common practice is to allow “a window” of a few hours in which you leave the house for the buyer and his/her realtor to view.

Well, out of the 8 showings, 5 of them have arrived AFTER the agreed upon window – anything from 10 minutes, to a whole hour! – meaning we were already back home, slippers on and watching tv.

We even had one arrive who ‘thought’ they’d made an appointment but actually hadn’t!!

This apparent lack of respect for our time and the agreements made, started to wear on my ever-so-polite Husband and irritated this goddess beyond measure. Without our actually realizing it, a resistance to showing the house began to mount.

So that’s where we were on October 12, 2012.

House STILL for sale.
Price reduced by $10k.
Still no traffic.
Feeling even more stifled and trapped.

Then in the LOA treasure trove that is The Good Vibe University forum, someone posted this video.

*cue celestial chorus and rainbows and confetti and marching bands*


How could I not see this?

For someone who spends her days coaching others on getting unstuck, I had completely missed the most obvious thing.

Because vibrationally I didn’t want the house,

I attracted only people who wouldn’t want the house either!

No amount of visualizing and affirmations could possibly counteract our most basic vibration, which was ~
Home ownership SUCKS!


I immediately forwarded the link to Husband Muffin and my son, with instructions to “Watch this NOW!”

We discussed it over lunch and all came to the same conclusion ~ we’d all been focusing on what we didn’t want.

WE didn’t want the ‘burden’ of home ownership. My son didn’t want all the work/upheaval/disruption of moving.


THIS was why the LOA stuff had worked so very well in Minnesota, but wasn’t working now.

While we absolutely couldn’t wait to get to GA, we really loved our little MN house. We’d worked hard to make it lovely and we really did love the house itself. It was just in the wrong state lol

Loving the house + being focused on where we wanted to be = quick results.

This was posted in GVU

“In the moment that you go back and begin vibrating in the glory of that beautiful place, remembering how you felt as you first discovered it, remember the joy that you found within it, focusing upon the positive aspects of it, writing lists of the positive aspects of this glorious place, your vibration will go to the boundaries of the universe far more than any editorial that any real estate agent could put out for you. And those who seek that which you have, and there are many of them, not only that you seek those who have cash, you seek those that are ready to make a deal. You don’t seek those who are dreaming but are not yet ready. You want a ripe tomato, you see.

“And so as you focus upon all of that, it will unfold for you. You have had enough wanting within you to shoot you to the moon. In other words, you are not short on wanting. It is the allowing part that we are adding emphasis to. Just relax within this, and remember how good that spot is, and you will attract very quickly someone to that spot. Good.”

– Abraham, 1992

Another member at GVU commented –

“We have some friends who just sold their first house, and while they certainly didn’t consciously follow LOA instructions, they certainly did unintentionally! See, they were VERY fond of the house, despite the fact that their family had COMPLETELY outgrown it. So, even though it was way too small for them and their two boys, they had all the thoughts of the work they did to the house, the fact that both of their boys were born there, and just generally vibrating on the good feelings they had for the house.

And lo and behold, they got a full price offer THE DAY AFTER IT WENT ON THE MARKET (and a backup offer a few days later!).”


This was it! The missing piece!

And as soon as we realized this, the three of us got to work.

  • Husband Muffin began focusing on how good it’s been to work in his home office and how this house is perfect for anyone who needs a secluded spot to work or study.
  • We allayed my son’s fears of having to do all the heavy lifting himself by promising to get extra help this time.
  • I began packing in earnest, giving away my books and clearing out anything we wouldn’t have room for in our smaller new home.

All the time, loving on the house and holding on to the feeling of how perfect it had been for us.

And within one month, we’d sold it!!

Someone walked in (on time, I might add!)  and knew immediately it was perfect for them.

S C O R E !!

Not only that, but that same week,  Husband Muffin got a new job at a higher salary, and with the money we’re saving, we’re going to be debt free in about two years!

Completely, and utterly debt free.


Oh and did I mention we found the most divine little apartment to rent for the next year or so while my son finishes his college degree?

Anyway, with a new nest to feather, this goddess is learning the art of temporary decorating (ie how to live rich when you can’t paint the walls) and having oodles of satisfaction growing this new part of my Life Can Be Luscious business.

So sweetie, here’s the moral of the story…

You can’t manifest something
(no matter how much you might think you want it!),
if you have counter-intentions hidden away in the background.

(Feel free to tweet that morsel of goddessy wisdom, dahling!)

For example,

You won’t become rich if you think rich people are immoral, lazy leeches … because you don’t want to be like that.

You won’t get thin if you don’t think you can handle the attention being a skinny goddess will bring you.

And you certainly won’t sell a house if you can only see what’s wrong with it.

Bliss-ings and love


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Rebecca Woodhead January 5, 2013 at 10:43 pm

Bless This Bliss. A Poem For Jacqui.

Bless that house for protecting you,
Until you were ready to fly.
Bless your present, wonderful nest,
When you finally waved ‘goodbye.’

Bless your future nested bliss,
And your gypsy self after all of this,
As you wings unfurl through the morning mist,
And you dance ‘neath the blushing sky.

~Rebecca Woodhead


Rebecca Woodhead January 5, 2013 at 10:45 pm

Oops. Typo. ‘Your gypsy self’. 3.45am in England. Me no type right late. 🙂


Rebecca Woodhead January 5, 2013 at 10:45 pm

Oh heck! That wasn’t even the typo. It was ‘your wings’. I’m going to bed. Bless you anyway. 🙂


Jacqueline Gates January 6, 2013 at 2:23 pm

Now laughing out loud!


Jacqueline Gates January 6, 2013 at 2:24 pm


Glad I’m not the only one who can’t leave a typo un-fixed!


Jacqueline Gates January 6, 2013 at 2:23 pm

Oh Rebecca, this is deeply lovely … thank you so much.


Geneva January 6, 2013 at 1:35 am

This is an amazing revelation! I’m I’m so glad I took the time to read this! It completely makes sense. I agree 100% with you as I haven’t wanted to buy a house for years bc of the overwhelming responsibility, saggy markets, & commitment. I too, love the idea of being mobile if necessary.

In mentoring people, I emphasize being who you want to attract. Many people want certain things, but project the complete opposite. It is wonderful to see that once y’all began projecting the positive love for your home it sold.

I’m going to refer to this concept even more often this year!



Jacqueline Gates January 6, 2013 at 2:26 pm

Goddess Geneva, I’m soooo delighted to see you!

Yup, the external mirror doesn’t lie … it always reflects what you’re REALLY thinking/believing/holding on to.

“As within, so without” as the saying goes.


Kimba January 7, 2013 at 10:13 am

Love, love, love this post! I bet your apartment is FILLED with positive energy as you envision your upcoming life of travel and gypsy-ness (yeah, I know, that’s not really a word, but it fits here). Every realtor on the planet should read this post.


Jack January 9, 2013 at 1:37 am

I was so worried about selling my property and i was not knowing how to go about in such few days but after reading this post i have definitely got some insight regarding this matter.Now i think i will soon be able to fulfill my plans.Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Thomas January 11, 2013 at 2:24 am

Owning a dream house you always wanted to have is such a great achievement. Lucky you and your husband that he can now work form home or I must say a good boss. Well, a good boss is rare to hear. Congratulations for the big success. However, I would prefer to have a new house and then selling of the old one, otherwise it would become a little risky.


selling a home January 15, 2013 at 2:48 pm

I agree with thomas but in the business, it is all risk so you just have to choose the best options for yourself, if it is selling your house or not,etc. but everything must be based on your resources.


Pineapple April 16, 2013 at 8:04 pm

I have a house I have been trying to sell for a month. Dropped the price drastically. And watched the video and rewrote my ad from listing all that needs to be done to fix the house to all the potential in what is there. Instead of needs work the ad is about restoring the beautiful historic home to its original beauty. Instead of look how ugly kinds of statements I now have your imagination will soar with the potential in the house. AND I will have the final few trips of getting things out of it (moved to a house I inherited) hopefully yet tonight, but definitely within a couple days (weather does not look good tomorrow but that can change).


Pineapple April 22, 2013 at 11:00 pm

Since my last visit to this site and after cleaning up the house and changing how I present it in a listing, I have had 7 showings and three are crunching numbers to make an offer. In less than a week!


Jacqueline Gates April 23, 2013 at 10:11 am

I’m so thrilled for you! Just keep holding that picture of how happy the buyers will be in your home, as well as how happy you’ll be in your new one.

And do pop back and tell me how it goes, won’t you?


Davina May 27, 2014 at 3:11 pm

Hmmm, some times things are put in front of us when we need it most. Very fitting, I’m trying to decide whether or not to list my house now that I’m ‘right side up’ again on the mortgage. Thank you THANK YOU for this post! 🙂


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