Introducing LOA Nesting (aka How To Use Your Home As A Manifesting Tool)

by on June 26, 2013

LOA Nesting is a term I came up with to describe how I use my home as a manifesting tool to create the luscious life I now enjoy.


You should be.

Because your home can be your greatest ally in creating the life you dream of.


Before we go any further, let me say the following …

LOA Nesting is not about decorating.

It’s not about housework or cleaning or keeping-up-with-the-Jones’.

It’s not about becoming a Martha Stewart clone or give in to all those housekeeping ‘shoulds’ your mother keeps on at you about.

And it works whether you live on your own or with a young and messy brood.

This is about creating a NEST for yourself because you deserve it and because

changing your environment deliberately can get you into your dream life faster than anything else. (click to tweet this)

You are a product of your environment.

So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective.

Analyze your life in terms of its environment.

Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back?” ~ W. Clement Stone


Here’s a video I did a long time ago, that shows the germination of this idea.


So let’s explore this NEST analogy.

In my previous home, I had two cardinals who lived in the biggest tree in my back yard. Each winter when the tree was bare, I could see their little home, perched high in the branches, seemingly way too fragile to withstand the winds and frost.


But each spring the couple would return, all twitterpated and energetic, and they’d rebuild and remodel their nest. He’d tug strands from the frayed edges of the Tibetan prayer flags I’d strung across the garden, and carefully weave them into the bottom of the nest. All the time Mrs would be watching and encouraging him, and when the time was right, she’d settle in and lay her eggs.

By this time the tree was in full leaf and the nest was completely obscured, but I would watch Mister dart out of the foliage and then return with something in his mouth.

I would imagine that nest full of babies, being supported and nurtured until one day they took that giant leap of faith, trusted their wings and flew away into the world.


I see our homes as that nest.

A place of security, warmth, comfort. A place that welcomes us home from a busy day, nourishes our frazzled soul and sends us out again, replenished and restored.


Your home is not an inanimate structure. That’s a house.

A home is a living, responsive, energetic vessel and it can either support or deplete you.


Here’s an example …

Imagine you come home from a particularly crappy day. You walk in your front door and trip over the kids’ schoolbags strewn across the hall. In the kitchen you’re greeted with dirty dishes in the sink, and you grimace slightly at the thought of the lawd-knows-what-that-was growing in the back of the refrigerator. You can’t easily cook dinner because there’s not much in the freezer and all the pots are dirty, so it’s back into the car for yet another take out meal that you know isn’t really good for any of you.

You settle down on the couch but you’re distracted by the dust on the mantle and the pile of magazines teetering on the side table.

Finally, you get to bed and the last thing you see is the pile of laundry on the chair and you wonder what you’re going to wear to work in the morning.


I know how that feels … because I used to be there.


Let me share my current reality.


When I walk in my front door, I’m greeted with the smell of roses from the warmer I leave on most of the day and the bunch on the coffee table.

Walking into my kitchen, the counters are clear, the sink is shiny and the floors swept. Whatever’s for dinner (it’s on the menu board on the fridge) is defrosted and ready to prepare. I’ll set the table with our favorite plates, cloth napkins and something pretty in the center.

I can truly relax in the evenings because everything’s done, or I can focus on leading a webinar without being distracted or diverted.

And when the day is over, I can snuggle with my hubby in a bedroom that’s as sumptuous, comfortable and peaceful as the high-end Bed&Breakfasts I adore.

I got here using the tools I’ve discovered that I now call LOA Nesting.



LOA Nesting is about honouring yourself enough to gift yourself with surroundings that support you. This is about treating yourself as well as you treat holiday company.

And the best part is .. it doesn’t have to cost much, or anything at all, in fact.
Of course, you can spend $25 and take the fast track, (ie, buy the course) but there’s all sorts of things you can do right now, with what you have.

Truly, sweetie, it costs nothing to set your dinner table with a cloth, and napkins, and your best china. Maybe a centerpiece of garden flowers or fresh fruit. Or light a couple of candles.

With a setting like that, even baked beans on toast becomes fine dining.

You begin to feel rich … even before you are … and the Universe notices.


And the magical thing is, that when you bask in beautiful, thought-full surroundings, your food tastes better and somehow is better for you. Conversations start and family lingers. Table manners become natural.

You align with the energy of a healthy, happy family … and the Universe notices.

Try it. You’ll see what I mean.


And let’s take a look at your bedroom. What’s the last thing you see at night? How does it make you feel? Imagine cleared the top of your bedside table, put back only the things you really need, and added a little something that makes you smile when you wake up.

What would that do for your morning?

Imagine you’d purged all the half-empty bottles and already-read magazines from your bathroom and wiped down the counters. Just think of the difference in the energy in how you prepare for the day.


Now before you think this is all too exhausting, let’s see how we can do this incrementally. Start with one small thing. Easy, comfortable steps, sweetheart.


Boudoir BathroomWhen I started, I began with my section of the bathroom counter. I wiped it down, threw out everything I never used and returned only the essentials to the drawer and cupboard. Then I prettied it up with a mirrored tray ($2 from Goodwill) and put all my gorgeous perfume bottles on it. I put up paper parasol to shade the lights and layered an old mirror I had from a broken dressing table. I made that little corner into a luxurious boudoir for next to nothing, and every morning it made me feel rich and beautiful.


It became a habit to take a couple of seconds to wipe down the counter and mirror each evening when I’d done my teeth. When I put my makeup on in the morning, I felt like a Hollywood starlet and my whole attitude was different throughout the entire day.




Of course, housework needs to be done. Nobody wants to live in a messy, dirty place with grungy sinks, overflowing trashcans and dust bunnies the size of cats.

So here’s where LOA Nesting comes in.

When you nurture your home, your home will nurture you.

The energy you invest in it will be repaid many times over. You deserve to be surrounded by beauty and as much abundance as you can afford or tolerate.

This is about being grateful for what you have, and demonstrating that to the Universe by looking after it properly..

This is the core message of LOA Nesting

By beautifying your surroundings you amp up your appreciation for what you already have. You immerse yourself in tokens of what you want to manifest as though its already happened.

You align yourself energetically with what you want to manifest in your life and that will open the dreams-come-true flow faster and wider than anything I know.

In later posts, I’m going to go into the step by step details of how to do this, but if you have any questions you’d like answered, please pop them into the comment box.

Oh and if you’d share this with your facebook and twitter friends, that’d be divine too.

Happy nesting, dahlings.









PS If you’d like to come visit with a whole bevy of Nesters who are rocking this style of intentional nesting, I have a secret FB group called The Parlour. We’d love to see you there.


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Rey July 5, 2013 at 2:35 am

I agree Jacqueline, a beautiful and clean home draws in a lot of positive energy. You need this the most when you go home after a tough day at work, piled up places make your mood worse and rather than relaxing yourself you end up growing negative thoughts. Thanks for sharing the post.
Rey´s last blog post ..Test News Header!


Leanne July 6, 2013 at 3:58 am

I love this! It’s true, I’ve always felt special when I’ve been in a classy spotless hotel room, and yet we can feel like that right in our homes every day – definitely something I’m going to work on. Sharing this 🙂
Leanne´s last blog post ..An Empath’s Survival Guide


Suzie Cheel July 7, 2013 at 5:00 am

I love the idea of LOA nesting and I am going to clear my bedside table before I go to sleep tonight.
I used to always have a home that was a nest. Where I live now i see as temporary and I must say I don’t take the same care- Yesterday we started to clear the garage and throw out and set up a donation box so the universe know we are ready for a new home. Your post makes me realise I will take more care in LOA nesting, thank you
Wishing you a blissful day
Suzie Cheel´s last blog post ..BE Trusting Of You And Your Intuition


Jacqueline Gates July 8, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Ms Suzie, using LOA to manifest your NEW nest is such fun. I’ve done it twice with awesome results …


Diane Marie July 7, 2013 at 9:14 am

I never thought of it as LOA nesting before but that is exactly what I did this weekend when I rerranged my bedroom and home office spaces. I sorted and threw out what no longer serves me, felt into the energy of what the space would feel like when I woke up, when I was working and then arranged it like that while I was also doing Feng Shui with it. Feels awesome now! Thanks for a great article.
Diane Marie´s last blog post ..Are you playing in abundance?


Simon October 3, 2013 at 7:06 am

You seem to have hit the nail on the head here. I also find that when your surrounding is in a mess and not to your liking, this has a very negative impact on your mood and as a result of that, things just get worse and worse and just never get resolved.

And it does eventually come down to the fact that we have to start somewhere and get the clutter out gradually and just by putting in this small amount however tired we are will bring amazing positive results.

Thanks for sharing.


Eva October 1, 2014 at 9:32 pm

I wanted to tell you Jacqui that I started doing this after reading your article two months ago…I went on a de-cluttering month in August and although I’m not quite done yet, my home is on a whole different vibrational level than it was before that time. My bedroom actually has a floor now that I can see…no piles of anything anywhere. Thank you for this post…I still have a long way to go but I know now I will get there.


Jacqueline Gates October 14, 2014 at 1:52 pm

LOVE THIS!! Thank you for popping in to share this with me, sweet Eva. Totally made my day.


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