Is Your Parents’ Influence Blocking Your Success?

by on December 6, 2011

My parents’ influence on me has never been as obvious to me as it was when I was with them in South Africa this past month, having not been home for over three years.


So, you multi-talented, glorious being you,
do you still hear your mother’s voice telling you that that top doesn’t go with that skirt?

Or that girls don’t do travel on their own?

Or any of a bazillion other things she told you in her passionate desire to keep you safe?

My friend Holly Jeffrey, personal trainer extraordinaire, told me –

“I find that I hear all kinds of the programmed stuff
when I am around my mother and my inlaws….
It is very interesting!!
I do my best to stop by mind and mouth so that I don’t repeat what I have heard!!
It is a still a bit of work!! “

There’s the key, of course.

Don’t repeat what you heard!

Seriously, dahling.

Don’t Do It.

Not to your kids.

Not to your spouse.

Not to your friends or even the cashier at the store.

Don’t repeat what you heard!

Especially … and this is the most important, life altering bit ….

ESPECIALLY not to yourself!



  1. Listen To Other Programming.This goddess has almost always got a set of headphones on ~ whether I’m cooking, cleaning, driving in the car. My iPod is full of luscious wisdom-filled reprogramming from Jim Rohn, Diane Hochman, and the brilliantly inspiring Goddess Leonie Dawson.Slowly but surely, these empowering and supportive words have filled my head and embedded themselves into my being, and subtly altered my internal operating system.

    And the bliss-filled blessing is, it doesn’t have to cost you anything!

    The internet is filled with free training ~ go get yourself some!

  2. Snap Yourself Out Of ItI got this tip from networking goddess Jackie Ulmer, with whom I have a long standing lunch date.
    (We’ll be in the same city sometime, Jackie, I promise!)Take an elastic band, a hair elastic, or if you’re like me and have to bling absolutely everything,
    use a sparkly elasticized bracelet and wear it every day.Whenever you catch yourself saying something that isn’t supportive of your dreams and heart-wish,
    snap the bracelet.


    The first week I did this, I had a red welt round my wrist.

    Masochistic, I know, but boy, does it redirect your thinking fast!


So dahlings, do let me know about your own programming.
Has it worked for you?
Or hindered you?
Do your kids look at you occasionally and say “You sound like Nana!”

I’d be thrilled if you’d comment below, and also press the LIKE button on the top.

And if you’d pass this on to your friends,
that would be utterly awesome too.





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