Juicing ~ A Gateway To Business Clarity?

by on March 21, 2012


Saturday, February 25th, 2012 seemed like it was going to be like any other Saturday evening.


And totally NOT the life-changing, momentous, soul-shifting watershed it turned out to be.

Paging through the Netflix menu, I suggested to The Center Of My Universe that we watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead“.

We watched.

And something clicked inside me.

Let me backtrack a little.

I began this year in the doldrums of indecision about my future, my business, life in general.

My brilliant mentor had moved out of my life,
and I was guide-less and lost.

I was stuck in limbo-land,
unable to decide between building a network marketing business
(since I’d found a product that really worked!)
or diving into coaching more fully,
(since my clients were soaring and referred to me as their “secret weapon”)

There was so much noise,
so much advice,
so much external influences swaying me this way and that.

I decided to listen to MYSELF.

Every day, I’d get quiet in my beautiful sanctuary,
and ask myself, “What do I need to know today?”

Slowly, the doors started opening “where before there were only walls”, as Joseph Campbell said.

I began to do the Morning Pages that Julia Cameron suggests in both The Artist’s Way and The Prosperous Heart: Creating a Life of “Enough”, pouring out my soul and poison onto pages of freehand scrawl.

I was introduced to the utterly brilliant Crystal Andrus
and began her 21 Day Create & Sustain Success course.

(Good thing it was free, as I’d also decided not to spend any more money until I found my direction!)

Then, on one of her calls, Crystal suggested asking your body for guidance.

It seemed to be just another twist to listening to your inner voice, but I went ahead anyway …

I asked my body, “What do you want me to know?”

And quietly, defiantly, a small voice spoke up.

“I’m trying so hard to be what you want me to be – thin, fit, vibrant, sexy – but you keep sabotaging me! You feed me good stuff one meal and sugary crap the next. You exercise in spurts, so I never have time to build on the work I’ve done. And you wonder why you don’t improve! There’s no continuity. It’s always two steps forward and one back and no progress. And then you get all depressed and eat three apple fritters which makes my work even harder.

But I’m trying, I really am. But I don’t feel loved. Just either demanded of, or taken for granted.”

Oh. My. God.

Ever heard the saying, “As within, so without”?

All of this… this STUFF … was showing up in my outside world.

  • In my marriage ~ because even though I know in my heart of hearts that my darling  husband absolutely adores me,
    I was feeling ‘unloved’ because he didn’t “show” me;
  • Feeling taken advantage of ~ by my kids, clients, internet gurus;
  • In my business ~ not following through on leads, ideas, flashes of brilliance;
  • With my weight ~ nothing to show for nearly 22 years of almost constant dieting;
  • The pile of half-done projects on my sewing table was further proof.

This is where I was when I watched that movie.

And as the credits rolled, that same small, insistent voice said,

“Do that.”

On Sunday morning I went to the grocery store and filled my cart with green veggies and fruit.

I went to the storage unit and excavated the juicer.
(Why is what you need always at the bottom of the pile?)

And I began.

On day 8, I posted to Facebook that I was FLYING.

On day 18, I went to a party at an old friend’s house and knew that I could eat whatever I wanted because I had the power to repair any ‘damage’ within a few days. The following morning I went back onto juicing with ease and grace and satisfaction.

The 2lbs I put on that night slipped away within 48 hours ~ totally unheard of for a goddess who used to take a week just to lose the water weight from one Chinese dinner!

THIS is the power of true, natural nourishment.

THIS is the power of listening to your inner voice.

THIS is life as it should be.

I’ve done nearly 23 days now, with just that one party break,
and I am clearer, and calmer and more centered than I’ve ever been.

I no longer look outside for guidance, only for a mirror to reflect back my options.
The decision is based on how I FEEL.

And it’s starting to show up in my heart-life, my business, my money and my home.

There’s sound scientific evidence for this, but it’s only common sense.

When your body is cluttered with chemicals, preservatives and all the other crap they put in food these days,
you are basically living life in a fog.

And sweetie, that’s no life at all.

It’s like trying to shine your glorious, brilliant 1000W light through a 30W light bulb.

One of my delicious coaching clients hit the same wall recently.
She’d been feeling … odd. Off balance. A bit emotional. A lot overwhelmed.

As I rummaged around, diving into what she was saying,
listening deeply to what she wasn’t saying,
it struck me that she was going through exactly what I’d been feeling.

“Are you still juicing, honey?”

Turns out, she wasn’t.
After months of having a green juice a day, she’d been eating every carb she could lay her hands on,
and she was paying the price in confusion, irritation, frustration and tears.


In my next post, I’ll give you all the details about HOW I did the fast, what I juiced and what I did to calm the hunger pangs.

But for now, I want you to know something.

You are Meant to be Healthy, Vibrant and Energetic.

You are Meant to be Productive, Prosperous and Powerful.

Your body is constantly striving towards its perfect weight and optimum health.

It is the instrument through which you VIEW and CREATE your world.

If your business, house, LIFE feels out of whack, cluttered and struggle-filled,
you have the power to change that.

It begins by going within.


Bliss-ings, health and oodles of hugs,







PS We’re all adults here, right? You know that if you have health issues you need to consult your doctor before you do anything drastic. I’m only an expert in MY OWN health, as I believe you are too, but you still need to be sensible, ok?

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Nathalie Villeneuve March 21, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Hello Jacqui, I watched the movie trailer …looks great! I can sense your well being and it makes me happy to know that you are doing so wonderfully well!

You are such a beautiful soul and I admire you in so many levels! I have thought about juicing…seems right and I am always open to more green stuff…LOL
I would love to see you and have time to talk about all the wonderful changes that are happening to you…but for now I will read you and look at you from my Connecticut balcony.

We are all looking to always better ourselves and that is a grand entrance to new acts of our lives…The red carpet and clearly always laid out in from of us and it’s up to us to take the first steps proudly walk in our lives…and let people’s lenses scrutinize us…but it’s also your duty to yourself to walk with your heads up high towards a bright and clear path sprinkled with shinny confetti’s announcing our acceptance and happiness.

Love ya! ~ Nathalie
Nathalie Villeneuve´s last blog post ..Man Was Created For Healthy Living


Holly March 21, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Yeah Jacquie!! I love to hear this! I have been struggling some what on my own, not with the exercise and eating the right foods… but certainly eating too much ( of a good and bad thing!!– there are certain carbs that will mess you up!!). I like your suggestion to listen to my body! When you feel good without out all that ‘crap’ in your body it is amazing what happens!! Interestingly enough I have never juiced but a few short weeks ago I started checking out good juicers and smoothies that are good for one!! Cheers!! I am looking forward to hearing more about your journey!
Holly´s last blog post ..Hooked Into Another Weight Loss Miracle?


Pamela Schott March 21, 2012 at 5:58 pm

Just had to comment as my husband and I watched this video a few months ago and it completely changed the way we eat. I have more energy, I never get headaches anymore, and I feel absolutely amazing. We have one cheat day a week, but by the time it gets to Sunday, just a nibble of something I used to crave is enough. It’s incredible what you can do once you have the information.

Thanks for this!
Pamela Schott´s last blog post ..3 List-Building Strategies to Make Your Email Opt-in Sexy


Christi Johnson March 21, 2012 at 9:07 pm

When my daughter was still a toddler, I became absolutely convinced that I had an unspeakable illness. I started juicing almost every day, and the symptoms of what I feared was happening actually began to disappear.

I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck and groin…and they disappeared within the first 4 days. I continued juicing for a while, but eventually life took over again, and I failed to continue what had become a way of life for me. Reading your article reminded me to start all over again. Thank you for this. You may save a life simply by writing. ♥
Christi Johnson´s last blog post ..Christi Johnson – Motivational Video Fail!


Mark@JV NINJA REVIEW March 21, 2012 at 10:32 pm

I think that juicing has all the benefits that we need from from fruits and vegetables. I decided to be a vegan a few years back and it did wonders to me. Meat and protein is still important but I get mine from a non animal source. Still, I feel happier and healthier.
Mark@JV NINJA REVIEW´s last blog post ..Mindset-Academy Review-Read What Natalia Hansson and Joakim Hansson Says


Elmor | Stickers Printing March 21, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Makes sense, when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. Juices are great as a source of nourishment plus they usually taste great (be careful on the sugar though). I guess I’m starting my juice diet too.


Lisa Kanarek March 22, 2012 at 10:46 am

Thank you for sharing your insight and experience. I’ve been juicing for a month (along with eating healthy) and have noticed a huge difference. As a former sugar junkie, when I DO have something sugary, I truly feel the bad effects later on. Changing the way you eat is tough, but worth the effort. I’m looking forward to reading future blog posts.


Ann March 22, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Jacqui, I have a green powder I mix with V-8 almost every morning. It makes me feel righteous that I am getting some green stuff. I am not sure that it’s as good as what you do, but it’s more green stuff than I ever ate per day. Thanks for the great ideas.
Ann´s last blog post ..Business Blogging—Being Current, Receiving Comments, Getting Found


Tanja @ Crystal Clarity March 23, 2012 at 1:52 am

Juicing is something I’ve thought of doing before, albeit as an addition to eating other healthy food. I’m just really bad at *acting* on the doing (I’m someone who barely cooks at all – my dream, when my business really, truly takes off, involves being able to pay someone to cook fresh, healthy food for me every day!)

I have to admit, I like Ann’s idea – mixing green powder with some kind of pure vege juice sounds like about my speed right now, and it would definitely be better than nothing! OK, sold… I can pick up those ingredients this weekend 🙂
Tanja @ Crystal Clarity´s last blog post ..Win a $25 Amazon/Good Books voucher with the "Tell me what you think" competition


Rebecca Woodhead March 23, 2012 at 10:57 am

My sweet angelic sister … I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for your courage and honesty. Congratulations on your successes. Always, always, always, always follow your bliss. <3
Rebecca Woodhead´s last blog post ..The Lesson of the Branding Iron


silvia March 28, 2012 at 10:30 am

brilliant movie trailer …looks great!! you are oozing with good health and high energy, youve inspired me to start juicing….thanks
silvia´s last blog post ..Run With the Vision


Kellie Hosaka @home business residual income April 4, 2012 at 5:44 am

Congratulations Jacqui!

Wow! I am so glad you listened to your heart and your inner voice. It always tells us exactly what is the best thing for us.

You are truly an inspiration to so many people! Keep up the great work!

Much aloha,
Kellie 🙂
Kellie Hosaka @home business residual income´s last blog post ..Do You Want Freedom? Let Go Of False Security


Danica Green@Shopping Bags April 5, 2012 at 1:32 am

I truly agree, being the best in all you do will help you be more productive and more alive. This a very inspiring thought that every human deserves to have a cleansed and immensed body and soul. We have to live well and be perfectly healthy.


Miriam Buhr April 11, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Love the affirmations. Will say that for a long time I’ve known you’re powerful beyond believe!! This piece is quite inspirational Jacqui. Without health all else seems to fade in the background.
Thank you for sharing,
Miriam Buhr´s last blog post ..Mental Toxins: Basic Steps To Detoxify Negative Thought Patterns


Ryan@Storage Post Self Storage May 22, 2012 at 3:40 pm

The documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” is one of my favorite documentaries on how food affects our bodies. Another good one on Netflix is “Forks Over Knives”. Those two are the best.


Nutrition Articles June 15, 2012 at 6:46 am

Fruits and vegetables are good for health .. You have to eat daily .. you will fine some good long term energy from it !


Elaine Salt@Rental Property Management September 26, 2012 at 11:27 pm

We must take care of our body because without a healthy body we cannot perform the things that we do to achieve our personal goals.


Nina Corales@Driving School September 26, 2012 at 11:52 pm

After a stressful day of work and abusive eating habit, I think it is vital that we stop and try to listen to our self and own body. Giving our body the care that it deserves will help us have the energy to become more productive.


Carey Reams December 7, 2012 at 5:38 pm

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead resonated with myself as well. I did a juice fast and haven’t felt this good in years


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