Keeping Promises and Getting to Done!

by on June 15, 2008

Several things pushed themselves to the front of my awareness today, unbidden but persistant :-

  • The delicious irony in the title of this blog – Musings and Manifestations. At present there is too much musing, not enough Manifestation and a subtle straying from the original intent to share my journey to Abundance. My exploration of “The Road Less Travelled” has somehow led to a comforable cul-de-sac of suburban mediocrity instead of the succession of scintillating dinner parties and starring roles.
  • Then a post in my friend’s blog. I too am tired of honoring all promises made except those to myself. Why am I the last on my life-list, when everyone’s knows you can’t pour from an empty pitcher?
  • And, a few days ago, a personal call from my millionaire mentor/sponsor, the woman I most want to emulate, following an email admission that my candle business has lost momentum and is very close to needing the commercial equivalent of CPR.

I want to be the woman who “has done” rather than the one that “dreams of doing”. While I am aware that my life resume is already full of admirable adventures, heading toward my 45th birthday I feel a pressing need to make each moment count, to channel my inner Auntie Mame (my favorite role and inspirational character) and Open a New Window every day.

So enough Musing – Today I will Manifest! I will step off the smooth-trodden asphalt of the freeway to Ordinaryville and back onto the cobbled, pot-holed twisting road taken by the few who reach Abundance.

This week, Today, Right now, I will take my To Do list by the scruff of the neck and get to Done.

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Mark Testa@southern california mls listings October 23, 2011 at 6:40 pm

You are your greatest investment. There are times that our mindset get misguided and tend to waste our time doing unimportant and meaningless activities. I would say life is short and it’s our responsibility to make the most out of the talent and the capabilities that we were gifted. There’s no waste – even the mistakes, the embarrassment, the failures, heartbreaks, and all the other negative things that had happened to us in the past. They’re there for us to use to make us stronger.


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