Leadership ~ What It Is, and What It Isn’t

by on February 2, 2012

As I begin to build a network marketing business for the first time since The Great Quitting of January 2010, this freshly minted Business Goddess has gone back to basics.

Just been listening to a call by Andre Vatke on the Leaders’ Club 7 Day Plan about … ironically enough … LEADERSHIP.
In a word … mind-blowing.
(Or is that two words?)
Anyway, I got oodles of luscious information/awarenesses/reminders of stuff-I-know-but-don’t-practice,
  • “It’s not title or rank that define a leader. It’s attitude and action.” Andre Vatke
    Which means, sweetiepie, like I said in this video, you can position yourself as a leader from day one,
    whether you have a team or not!
  • There has to be mutual accountability.
    “Here’s what I expect from you, and here’s what you can expect from me in return.”
    See, this way you set boundaries and you don’t end up “saving” people on skype during dinner time!
  • Ongoing individual and personal support must be merit-based.
    In other words, scrumptious, if you don’t get your arse into gear and do what you’ve been told to do,
    or at least try to solve whatever problem you’re wrestling with, don’t expect your upline to be of much help.

But I had some of my biggest Aha’s right at the end, when he opened up the Q&A.

Like … how we can start doing everything for our team (ie spoonfeeding them)
out of a PERSONAL need to be useful/helpful/Ms Popularity

Oooh that one hit home!

Confession time … that used to be my driving urge, you know … being Ms Popularity,

I always felt that people would like me more if I did everything for them,
made their lives easier,
when in fact, it does them no service at all
and can be hugely detrimental to their own growth.

(Sort of like doing your 10 year old’s math homework because it’s quicker and easier
and then, please God, he’ll stop whining!)

Like … if I’m annoyed/miffed/unhappy that my upline/sponsor/mentor isn’t “helping me”,
it’s often a good idea to see if I’m doing enough to merit personal attention.

And if I am, start DEMANDING the help you need, or go find another mentor.

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that you have to be successful at whatever it is in order to ‘deserve’ that attention,
you just need to show that you’ve tried …
tried to solve that problem,
already asked Google
or rummaged through the back office for the answer.

And on the other side, as glorious sparkly leaders we need to be able to work out when someone is pouty
because they’re frustrated or because they’re just looking for virtual belly rubs.

You see the difference?

It’d be like helping your kid work through his math,
rather than just giving him the answer.

So here’s the gist of what Leadership Is and Isn’t ~

Leadership Is …

  • an attitude;
  • a Being rather than a Doing;
  • setting a good example of personal, effective action;
  • a long term commitment to the company, to your team, to your career;
  • being willing to step out in front;
  • creating a vision of what’s possible for yourself and your team, both individually and as a group;
  • holding that vision firm when they wobble;
  • mutual accountability;
  • always, ALWAYS keeping your word;
  • earned.

Leadership Isn’t …

  • dependent upon a rank or title;
  • to be used as a weapon;
  • manipulation, no matter what;
  • bought, hijacked, or inherited;
  • for sissies.

So darling heart, what do YOU think Leadership is or isn’t?

Do you see yourself as a leader?
Did you always see yourself as a leader or did you sort of end up there?

I’d love to hear your thought so do comment below, won’t you?

Oh and if you want to get more of this awesomesauce from Leaders’ Club,
give us $1 and get on the 7 Day Plan.

What you learn will completely change how you do business!

After all, this is the guy that TRAINED people like Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard.

Bliss-ings, as always






PS This is just Day 3 of the 7 day Plan material. Just imagine what I’m going to learn tomorrow!

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