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Your house is a magic wand.
Isn’t it time you learned how to use it?


This Class Is:

  • Above all, insanely useful —  enough theory to know that this stuff has scientific backing + a plethora of practical tips that you can begin implementing the minute you’re done listening.
  • Liberating – you’ll feel equipped to finally clear your old-self-stuff, even though it’s been hard before.
  • Empowering – you will immediately be able to begin creating a nest that reflects WhoYou’reBecoming rather than WhoYouWere

Conversations Include:

  • Why housework matters but not in the way you think it does.
  • The concept of your home as an energetic vessel + how that changes everything
  • Where most Feng Shui experts get it wrong + where you can make it right

You’ll Leave Knowing:

  • The one question that makes all decluttering super simple + extra potent
  • How to map out the biggest energy-suck areas + zap them in just a few minutes
  • What spaces to focus on to get the most support from your particular nest for your particular dream
  • How to live well now with what you already have, while you manifest more for later
  • A super simple mantra that means you (almost) never have to tidy up
  • Why most visualization techniques fail the minute you open your eyes – and how to change that


My 25 years in musical theater, my love of old-fashioned home-making, my belief in the power of the feminine, and my passion for helping other women live to their highest potential… all those have combined into my current coaching practice and the courses I’m creating.

I believe every woman has something divinely awesome + utterly unique to bring to the world.
I believe we need to question the labels that we’ve been given, and choose for ourselves ones that make us shine.

And I also believe that unless we create for ourselves a home that is nurturing, supportive and well-run, trying to cope with building a business and raising a family will deplete and frustrate us to the point that we have no energy left to make our mark on the world.


Who’s This For?

Anyone who works from home + gets horribly sidetracked + distracted by the house-stuff that needs doing.

Anyone who looks at their Vision Board + then at their home + wondered how the hell to bridge the gap.

Anyone who has read all the books + done all the mindset-stuff but still can’t make LOA work in real life (hint – your home is anchoring your old-self)

What Does It Entail?

A scintillating 90 minutes of a completely new perspective on Living-As-If + so many insanely practical applications that you’ll have trouble staying in your seat till the end.

Why Should You Bother?

Because your home will either support or sabotage your ambitions + dreams. It’s never a neutral.

Because you’re actually living in a virtual ‘secret weapon’ that can either fill you up or blow you up. Isn’t it time you learned how to use it?

Where Will It Be Delivered?

To a device near you.


Right now. To peruse whenever you wish, and rinse/repeat as many times as desired.

How much?

A whole $25.00

(Which is less than two Afternoon Teas at my favorite café.
And you don’t have to wear a hat.)


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Also included …

  • A high quality recording of the entire epic episode
  • + a snazzy PDF of SparkNotes for quick-and-easy referencing
  • + a full transcript for word-by-word comprehensiveness
  • + a scrumptious surprise
  • … all await your downloading delight.

$25 and it’s all yours, scrumptious one.

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When you’re ready to change your label + change your life, nothing makes that happen faster than changing your
environment. Live now the role you secretly dream of playing… and it won’t be a secret for very long.


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“Thinking of you today and some BIG WINS this weekend..quantum growth, sales etc. Jacqueline Gates, you made such a difference in my life. I want you to know that. One skype..one day..a few simple questions that opened a “Limitless” cavern inside me that had been closed for many years. Thank you for your coaching my dear, back when you were first starting. It was more like a simple conversation, but.. it changed my life.”

– Laura


“Woman, you are simply amazing! People LOVE you for the goddess you are. You make people happy. You make life look not only survivable but enjoyable. You show people that they really can have their cake and eat it too. That a home can be a sanctuary even if they hate to clean it. You remind them of the joys of carefully prepared treats and you make their hearts sing.”

– Kimberly



“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your conversation with me the other day, your blog posts, post cards, and facebook postings have helped Josh & I immensely. You’ve helped us realize the simple little things we were over looking about life. And now we’re 1000 times x 10 more grateful for what we have right now. Your one session was worth more than money can buy. Utterly thankful for you, your spirit, and your time. Muah!!!”

– Alisha

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