Many Are Called. Few Choose.

by on May 6, 2015

Y’all know that saying,
“Many are called. Few are chosen.”, right?

Well, this goddess now believes it’s much more a case of,
“Many are called. Few choose.”

Few Choose


Every new morning,
in every minute,
in every breath,
you are being called
to take your place in the world,
to own your brilliance,
to do YOU.
BIGness is a choice.
Upleveling is a choice.
Living-as-if you already are who you dream of being,
is a choice.
Will you answer the call?
It’s your choice.
*crossing fingers + toes,*
The goddess known as Jacqui 
PS I sooo hope you do.
PPS Deep curtsey-of-appreciation to Fabeku for inspiring this.

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