Open ALL Those Doors!

by on October 18, 2011

Dahling, do you recall the wonderful scene in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ where our heroine,
while endlessly telling herself that she probably shouldn’t be doing what she’s doing,
falls down the rabbit hole
and ends up
in a room full of Doors??

In the Disney version, there’s one door behind another, but Tim Burton’s version is a far more accurate rendition.
(the second link is an awful video, but the only one I could find to show you what I’m talking about!)

Well, sweetheart, this classic piece of fiction has become a remarkably accurate metaphor for this goddess’s recent journey …

Moving out of a seemingly perfect world,
all pretty,
and polished,
and … well, predictable …

Down a vortex of questions,
and uncertainty,
and a disconcerting feeling that things are somehow a-changing …

To land up in a ‘room’ filled with doors,

Waaaaayy too many!

The resulting paralysis of choice left me rather dumbfounded.

Until a wondrous revelation struck me!

A delicious amalgamation of all the mindset wisdom that I’ve been immersed in for the past few months.

An utterly Fahbulously Freeing revelation ….

Wanna know what it was ????


“The path to a new and exciting life,
is very UNLIKELY
to turn out the way you think it will,
or should.”
Chris Attwood

So, sweetheart, take this as your Permission Slip to open as many doors as you like!

Simply set that divinely accurate internal GPS of yours to your heart’s desire,

and know that everything will work out,

exactly as it should.



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