Raccoon eyes, Gratitude and goddess-ness Revisited.

by on July 9, 2010

Yesterday, I posted a video questioning the whole goddess thing.

I put it on Facebook ~ and quickly logged off and went to bed, afraid of displaying such vulnerability and dreading the possible firing squad.

This afternoon, back from interminable hours at Starbucks wondering about the reaction (WHY do I not have internet on my phone??!), I logged on with my heart in my mouth.

And, Gentle Readers, the tears just flowed.

  • Tears of Gratitude
  • Tears of love
  • Tears of sheer overwhelm at the support and deep empathy emanating from every word.

And the resulting raccoon eyes and red nose have prevented me from thanking you in person.

(Really! You would not want to see me right now and besides, you have to allow a girl some vanity! Believe me, I didn’t look anywhere near as cute as this little guy that lives in my back yard.)

And the upshot of the whole thing is that this particular goddess is Not backing down. This is too important ~ to me and to the Sweet Souls I’ve touched.

My dear friend Bob at Paradigm Shift said it best in the most exquisite personal message:-

“This is the dilemma you have chosen: either to catch the imagination, the twinkle in the mind’s eye of the intelligently free; or to unleash the effects of a repressed indignation within those who lack sufficiently the energy of freedom or the twinkle of intelligence.

You cannot have it both ways: either you drop the Goddess bit and betray yourself, human like the rest of us, or you continue the game and use it as an intelligence test to see who can and cannot play along with you.

Perhaps the role of Goddess is bigger than you thought. Perhaps you need only to tweak a few aspects in the way you play the role.”

After a great deal of thought, and now a half year of publicly stating my ‘title’, I do believe the Goddess role IS bigger than I thought.

But then so was Liesl, Nancy and a dozen other demanding theatrical roles I’ve tackled and shone in.

So enough with the doubt, and the blinkered focus on self.

Instead I will step into and embrace the depths, complexities and exquisite discomfort that true goddess-ness demands. There will be no shirking from either the vanquishing of  my terrors nor celebration of my talents.

And above all I will urge, prod, guide, goad, encourage and incite as many beings as I can reach, to answer the call to personal greatness and to become the Goddesses and Knights I believe them to be.

Oh and by the way ~ that means YOU.

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Kimberly Castleberry@Social Media for Beginners July 12, 2010 at 1:08 am

It is that same situation… of when we’ve been leading the charge, and falter… and allow our community to serve us… that really shows us the depth of what we’ve built. The number of times I’ve struggled and heard from people that I was afraid thought me a bit batty, that they respect what I’m doing and want to see me succeed, has always been the salve for my heart. It is these people, this community, the ones we serve… that are indeed serving us with their love. Shine on beautiful one! You are loved!
Kimberly Castleberry@Social Media for Beginners´s last blog post ..Twitter – How To Get Off Inappropriate Twitter Lists of Others


Miguel@Free iTunes Codes September 6, 2010 at 6:35 am

I would not expect the Goddess posting a video questioning her Goddessness. I am glad it was a short phase and that you will help me succeed with my online goals


Jacqueline Gates September 7, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Miguel – I’m so thrilled that you’ve become a frequent visitor to my blog. This goddess has no doubt you will succeed at whatever you set your mind to.


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