Radical Re-Labeling
because who you tell the world (and yourself) you are, you become.

Before I became a goddess, (in other words, chose a new label for myself) I was working for Starbucks for $7 an hour. (You can read about it here)

In six months, my life totally changed.

  • I gave myself a 300% pay rise
  • I was able to quit working retail and work from home instead.
  • I shed that stubborn 15 lbs that had been around for years.
  • I filled my coaching practice within three weeks

I’ve spoken often about the labels we wear, both consciously and by default, and how they impact our lives, so I’m not going to waste your time going into it all now.

Do your research by reading this, and this, and this incredible success story.

Ever wondered What Does Lady Gaga Have That You Don’t? Well, start with a rock-star label.

(And here’s the science-y stuff on the Labeling Theory.)

But here’s what I know for sure :-

If your life isn’t where you want it to be, chances are you’re calling yourself something that won’t allow you to live that dream.

ie. Your label doesn’t reflect that ‘best self’.


You see, it all starts with who you’re being.

Not doing.


“The most expensive thing on earth is the opinions of other people, and the Label of Yourself that they have sold you.” ~ Joe Schroeder

So for the very first time,I’ve put together a program that will walk you through my proprietary process which till now I’ve only ever shared with my clients.

“One skype..one day..a few simple questions that opened a “Limitless” cavern inside me that had been closed for many years. Thank you for your coaching my dear. It was more like a simple conversation, but.. it changed my life. ” ~ Laura



Radical Re-Labeling


  1. A beautifully recorded guided meditation to help you find out what labels you’re currently wearing;
  2. Super quick way to get rid of those that don’t serve you;
  3. Guided exercise to uncover your unique, luscious, make-your-heart-race label;
  4. An easy-read PDF of resources, tips, and strategies to support you as you step up to and in to your new being-ness.
  5. Recordings of my Power Of Labels presentation at GVU
  6. PLUS several bonus call recordings

All for only $47

Uber-Luscious Fast-Action Bonus

Finding my own label took me ages … and years to refine and become. I don’t want it to take you that long.

Yes, you’ll get 99% of it through the resources in this program, the guided meditations, etc, but that 1% is the difference between owning it logically, and living as if.

When you live as if you already are who you want to become, it’s like putting the Law of Attraction on steroids.

Over the years, I have developed an intuitive brilliance (modest, I know!) for helping glorious souls like you, SEE their truth and unfurl a label that reflects that.

So I’m giving you a half an hour, one-on-one time with me, to turbo charge your new BEing-ness.

“Your one session was worth more than money can buy. Utterly thankful for you, your spirit, and your time. Muah!!!” -Alisha

“I just got off skype after chatting with Jacqueline Gates. She is truly amazing. IF you have not yet had a chance to chat please do so right away….. She came up with this brilliant label which is still making my gut go butterflies and goosebumps. Squeeeeeeallll.” ~ Prerna Poojara


Just to reiterate,

you get the entire Radical Re-Labeling program

PLUS half hour focused UNcovering with me

for just $47.00

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