Starting 2014 With A Clean Slate … uh … Inbox

by on December 26, 2013

We’re nearly at the end of 2013 …
and despite the surge of frenzied energy as we rev up for the festive season,
there’s another, more primal pull
toward solitude
and introspection.

Between baking my world-famous shortbread
and wrapping gifts,
I find myself yearning for a few solitary hours
at my local coffee shop
buried in lattes and Leonie Dawson’s 2014 Create Your Amazing Year workbook.2014 Create Your Amazing Year

Sidenote – As I write this, I’m waiting on Santa to bring the pre-printed copy I asked for (because, you know, I’ve been very very good)
so I’m kind of pre-paving with pages from the digital edition
available free in the Academy.

Because I have to do this.
The pull to reflect will not be denied, it seems.

Along with all the inner-work I’ve done over the past year
I’ve been re-examining my business under a new lens …
focused on how I want to feel when doing it
as much as where I want to go.

The second half of 2013 has been very ‘noisy’ for me …
I’ve been doing courses and webinars,
launching my own Radical Re-Labeling program,
facilitating and contributing to various groups and forums,
going to San Diega for a conference …

all of which have been mind-bending and utterly divine
but I now find myself yearning
for still-ness.

I feel I need to turn down the volume on ‘outside’ voices
just for a while,
so I can hear the promptings of my inner GPS.

I want to start 2014 with a clean slate.

So yesterday, I started with my email inbox –
the greatest source of ‘noise’ in my online life.

It happened somewhat spontaneously …
like most good things do.

I opened my inbox …
and realized that there were more than 200 emails in there


Things to buy,
things to learn,
things that remind me that I’m not yet where I want to be,
things that I’ve bought and not used.

an overwhelming desire for the breathing room
of a clean page.

I started at the top …

Scanning each one,
I intuitively and instantly decided whether to archive
or unsubscribe.

Anybody selling anything = unsubscribe
(I’ll tell you more about why in the next post)

Anybody pushing my buttons or triggering my fear-of-success = unsubscribe.

(Mini Rant – scrumptious one, be aware that
some marketers specialize in triggering your fears …
they’re very, very good at it.

They are masters at making you feel completely useless without them.

Don’t fall for that, sweetie.
You already know more than enough to get going.
You could be a hero to someone … right this very minute.

As I went along,
I created new categories for my emails …
blogging, coaching, reference, etc …
to organize the ones I want to keep.

If I came across a useful article,
I used Evernote to ‘remember’ the article
and then deleted the email.

(I’m using hotmail, but I believe gmail makes this a whole lot easier, btw)

This morning I did the same thing with today’s influx …

Open and decide –
Keep and act upon immediately (file, reply, etc)
or Unsubscribe.

I’ve decided to do this for 30 minutes every morning
until my inbox only receives
those messages that uplift and support me,
that whisper to my knowing
rather than amplify my fears.

In the fresh, vulnerable light of the new year,
I want to be able to see …
who I am now,
where I’ve come from,
and what brilliant horizons beckon.

So this is my urging for you, angelface.

Give yourself some peace this solstice season.

Give yourself room to ruminate,
to wrap-up and release.

Give yourself stillness so you can hear your own wisdom.

Because you are stronger, more brilliant, more capable of dream-building
than you think you are, and besides,
no-one knows your life/business/heart the way you do.

Give yourself the gift of a clean slate, sweetpea.

I can’t wait to see what you write on it.



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