The World According To Me

by on February 21, 2014

 99 Things about Me … In No Particular Order or Importance.

Except #1. That’s the Most Important


  1. I am a goddess  The World According To Jacqueline Gates
  2. My only commandment ~ first, do no harm. After that, do what delights you
  3. Beautiful environments are crucial to personal well-being
  4. I loathe the way cellphones have made people ruder and more inconsiderate. I use mine only for calls and never while driving.
  5. We are more alike than we are different.
  6. I am Libra personified
  7. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time, but I still prefer Supertramp
  8. Self-care is non-negotiable
  9. You cannot just espouse a philosophy, you must embody it.
  10. Spirituality is one’s personal connection with Source. Religion is crowd control.
  11. We all make the best decisions we can with what we know at the time.
  12. When we know better, we do better.
  13. Grammar is important. Bad grammar and spelling make you look uneducated and sloppy.
  14. “Imagine” is the greatest song ever written
  15. All children should be encouraged to be entrepreneurs
  16. We get what we think about most
  17. What we’re experiencing and living today is a direct reflection of our thoughts and beliefs up to now.
  18. You cannot change anyone but yourself, no matter how much you want to
  19. Everyone should skinny dip in the ocean, at night, at least once
  20. No event has meaning until you give it one ~ choose deliberately

  21. Hershey’s chocolate is awful
  22. What’s happened to American mass food supply is shameful. Support local farmers
  23. Every dollar spent is a vote to support what it’s spent on.
  24. I’m not cut out to be a vegetarian, although ethically, I’d like to be.
  25. Love is love … the gender doesn’t matter
  26. When you take or destroy the life of another, I believe you should lose the right to your own.
  27. School kills creativity
  28. I expect a gentleman to open the door for me.
  29. Small upgrades, made daily, will completely transform your life
  30. What you call yourself shapes your life
  31. When you defend your limitations, you get more of them
  32. Our children choose us and come through us. They are not ours.
  33. Nothing is impossible. Everything is progress. (Quote from the Buddha)
  34. Not everyone is pet-owner material.
  35.  Spitting is disgusting
  36. Sports are the real reality-tv
  37. Never say anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to their face
  38. The metric system is actually easier than pounds and ounces
  39. Feminism unfortunately emasculated our men
  40. Wheat and dairy are not good for most of us
  41. Your inner GPS is never faulty. Trust it.
  42. Regret is a waste of energy
  43. Jealousy usually points to where you know you could be but aren’t.
  44. Magic is just science we haven’t discovered yet.
  45. Education should get more funding than the military
  46. Music like this will shift your vibe faster than anything else
  47. Hugs are medicine
  48. Recycle, re-use and reinvent everything you can. Creativity + thrift
  49. We are all so much greater than the game we’re currently playing
  50. Chocolate is a food group
  51. It’s hard to see a pattern when you’re in it … Most of us need a coach
  52. Karma is real
  53. Nothing beats writing with a fountain pen in a brand new journal Coffe and Selfcare
  54. Squeezing a spot makes it worse
  55. Makeup is fun
  56. I dress up every day. For the fun of it.
  57. I am deeply feminine, but don’t assume that means I’m weak.
  58. Online friendships can be as deep and meaningful as offline ones
  59. English is the most glorious language to play with
  60. ‘No’ is a complete sentence
  61. Everyone should travel to another country at least once
  62. Home is where you make it.
  63. The news is fear-mongering hype, designed to keep you small, nervous and controllable. Don’t watch or read it.
  64. Doctors should receive a stipend for every day that you remain healthy and treat illness for free.
  65. Children should be introduced to all religions and allowed to choose the one that feels right to them, regardless of their parents’ preferences, or to not choose one at all.
  66. Social media is fahbulous
  67. Everyone should be at least bi-lingual
  68. The Secret changed my life more than any other book I’ve read
  69. Writing down 5 gratitudes every evening will change your life
  70. Family dinners are the foundation on which our kids build their lives, don’t deprive them of it
  71. Drive-thru is the devil. I never use it.
  72. You only have one back and one neck. Go see a chiropractor
  73. If the people in movies would just take my advice and not open the door, they would live longer
  74. A latte is heaven in a mug

    Latte + journal + fountain pen = Bliss Latte + journal + fountain pen = Bliss

  75. Paper plates and plastic forks should be reserved for picnics
  76. No matter your situation, you can upgrade something
  77. Every cloud has a silver lining … trite but true
  78. Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else. (wisdom from Judy Garland)
  79. Read at least one classic book and watch one of the great movies ~ you will be a better conversationalist for doing so
  80. Life is too short to keep toxic people around
  81. Worrying is focusing on what you don’t want.
  82. At 5’1”, every pound shows
  83. I wish I’d done more of the things my mother warned me about
  84. Good manners are a dying art form
  85. Do as you would be done by, or be done by as you did
  86. Littering is disrespectful … of the environment, of others and yourself
  87. I believe mediocrity is a living death and waiting to be special is a waste of time.
  88. Never drink champagne from a plastic cup
  89. We are all square pegs being pounded into round holes for the sake of uniformity and mass control. Break out.
  90. I believe in Sunday family breakfasts with tea in Granny’s china, cloth napkins, eggs, bacon, and toast with (too much) marmalade.
  91. I believe in owning my own truth, and at the same time allowing others the courtesy and dignity of owning theirs.
  92. When a woman becomes herself – owning and celebrating and expanding her uniqueness – she’s a better friend, mother, wife, boss, entrepreneur, artist, and citizen of the world.
  93. I believe there is always a place for debate but I will not argue.
  94. I believe that most healing begins with hugs and tea, chocolate and rest.
  95. Picnics and pillow-forts are not just for kids
  96. Surround yourself with things you consider beautiful. You’re worth it.
  97. I believe in the lusciousness of language, the power of words, and the correct use of apostrophes.
  98. I believe there’s no such thing as over-dressing. Every woman should go grocery shopping in a ball gown, or wear feathers with her business suit, at least once in her life.
  99. And I believe that the greatest love affair you ever have should be with yourself … everything else will be a reflection of that.


PS Thank you for getting to know me.

PPS If you do a similar list on your blog, do let me know in the comments and I’ll pop over and get to know you better too.

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Sagar March 13, 2014 at 7:55 am


Nice post
I liked this post very much right from the title “The World According To Me”.
After reading all the points I got to know many things about you . There are some points which i truly agree and also think the same way as you. Some of them are “when we know better, we do better”, “Home is where yo make it”, “life is too short to keep toxic people around” etc . There are some points which i do not agree like “English is the most glorious language to play with”, “Education should get more funding than the military” etc.

Well every one has their own individuality and view towards the world. Any well written and nice work.

Thank you for sharing.
Sagar´s last blog post ..How to Overcome Fear of Meetings


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