They Laughed When I Began Calling Myself A Goddess
But When I Started Seeing Improvements In Every Part Of My Life, They Begged Me For My Secret!

Hi, gorgeous face.

Have you noticed how when you start trying to improve one part of your life, the other parts seem to fall apart?

It happens to all of us at one time or another.

We start working our butt off to make more money … but then our kids eat waaaaay too more takeout than feels healthy and our spouse starts feeling neglected. Or we spend so much time cleaning or running round after the kids being an uber-mom, that we have no time or energy for the creative stuff that lights us up.

We end up feeling overwhelmed, out of control, unfulfilled and frustrated.

Sweetiepie, I know that feeling well because I was there for years and years

But then I discovered the secret to upgrading your life across the boards.

It’s ridiculously simple and when you GET it, everything magically falls into place.

It all begins which Who You Think You Are.

See, when I began calling myself a Goddess … that’s when I began to see improvements in every aspect of my world; my home life, my marriage, my business, my weight.

No longer was it a case of one part being stellar and the other parts a total mess.

I believe that inside every woman are three goddesses, three powerhouses, each in charge of her own realm but each demanding attention, celebration, time and energy.

  • There’s an Inner goddess – full of wisdom, self knowledge and deserving of the best;
  • There’s a House goddess – who knows that her home must be a sanctuary, a nest that nurtures herself and her loved ones;
  • And there’s Business goddess – whether employed or entrepreneur, she knows how much value she brings to the world and that she deserves to be paid what she’s worth.

I touched on this philosophy briefly in a video series that I gave as a gift to those who opted in to my list.

And ever since then, almost daily, I get the most ah-mazing responses.

“Jacqui~ Thank you for another wonderful video! This one really resonated with me, particularly the parts about treating myself as a friend and GRATITUDE. I love your video series and am looking forward to the rest.” ~ Mikelle

“Jacqueline, you are amazing. I love these videos. They are short enough that I can watch every day, and they are packed full of goodness. Thank you for these wonderful reminders!” ~ Amy

But I also got lots of questions asking me to go further into each subject – how do I make this work?
How do I find the time to do this when I have kids and full time job?
How do I run my home in a way that supports my home business?


So I decided to do a six part call series based on these videos.

BUT, instead 3 or 4 minutes on each topic,

I’ll get to spend about 35 minutes diving in to each one thoroughly.

I’ll share for the first time, not only HOW I became a goddess, but how I started to live like a goddess, how I changed my language, and posture, and how my visibility on line skyrocketed, and my bank balance began to follow suit.

In these calls, you’ll learn …

  • Why ‘What You Call Yourself’ Makes Such A Difference To Your Success and How To Choose The Perfect Label For YOU;
  • How To Get Out From Overwhelm and Comparisonitis;
  • How Your Home Can Make Your Dreams Come True Faster, Or Block Them Completely;
  • How To Conquer Housework In 15 Minutes A Day;
  • How To Get Paid More For What You Already Do;
  • And Do More Of What You Love.

There’ll be so much more, believe me, that I doubt I’ll be able to keep it to 35 minutes!

And then … and then ….

(I have a feeling this’ll be the bestest part!)

We’ll do 25 minutes of Q & A, where you’ll get to pick my brain, ask questions, probe and dig and really get the stuff that makes this work FOR YOU.

And did I mention, sweetpea …

This is All for free!


No charge.

Full Disclosure: It’ll actually end up as 8 calls with the overview to begin and a wrap-up/recap call at the end.

We begin on Monday August 19th, 2013 at 7pm eastern.

Wanna join us?

Put your details in the opt-in box and you’ll immediately get an email with the call number etc.

(and of course, your email address is absolutely sacred with me. No spamming. Ever.)


And do introduce your luscious self , won’t you?


Get The Details for the Free Call Series!

Get The Details for the Free Call Series!

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