To Be a Goddess … or not.

by on July 8, 2010

At the end of a long, soul-less day at work, it’s so easy to start questioning whether you’re on the right track.
Whether the goddess-ness I see in myself isn’t a tad too overboard, too wildly eccentric to be easily accepted.
Whether the thing that gives me courage and urges me upward toward my dreams, might be the very thing that causes others to back away before I can explain.
Perhaps, Gentle Reader, you’d be kind enough to share your opinion?

And since the more the contribution, the better the conversation, I urge you to share this with your friends.
Always loved a good debate!

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Michelle July 8, 2010 at 10:11 pm

Hi there Jacqueline,

to be or not to be…. a Goddess?

The first time I saw one of your later videos, I thought it sounded slightly big-headed and a little eccentric, but I wanted to hear what you had to say so continued. The second time I saw one, I thought “wow… she’s so confident…..why shouldn’t she call herself a Goddess if that’s how she feels.” Actually, my first impression was that you’d done well in your business life and maybe married well too. It must have been the aura you were giving off.

My overall opinion is that you should make it more about the viewer/reader, i.e. developing THEIR ‘Goddess within’. Maybe round off your videos with a mantra about the viewer’s capability of being a Goddess. After all, most people are interested in what’s in it for them, i.e. what can this person do to help me? It’s just human nature, I guess. I once heard that the internet is just one big information hunting tool – people looking for solutions to their problems – they aren’t interested in the other person’s opinion of themselves. I think about websites that I’ve visited, and they give huge chunk of text about how wonderful they are, how long they’ve been in business, blah blah blah…. I don’t want to know their dull history or how wonderful they are, I want solutions to my problems. The websites that offer solutions, are the ones that keep their visitors.

I think I see what sort of guru you want to be, and I think you definitely think you have that appeal, so maybe you should experiment with a few different approaches in your videos and see what sticks.

Have you thought about starting off with small, free seminars on ‘How to be a Goddess’, and then build up from there via word and mouth? You definitely have the charisma to do well. I wish I had a quarter of your confidence 🙂

So, I guess some people will be turned off by your opening line, and think you sound a bit batty but some won’t. Personally, I’d say drop it for now, and see what happens. Make it about the other person’s Goddess within.

All the best, Michelle x


Jacqueline Gates July 9, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Michelle, thank you so much for such a thorough and thoughtful comment.
And you’re absolutely right ~ I Do need to focus more on others finding their inner goddess, rather than just documenting my own journey.
Your observations have been hugely valuable for me and I deeply appreciate you taking the time to share them.
Please don’t be a stranger 🙂
Bliss and blessings


Jacqueline Gates July 9, 2010 at 6:37 pm

Do you have a blog? Please post the link so we can all visit you 🙂


Kimberly Castleberry@Social Media for Beginners July 12, 2010 at 12:58 am

Wow there’s some powerful insight! What a well thought out reply Michelle! You’re absolutely right that everyone’s favorite radio station is WIIFM (whats in it for me!). I definitely agree with Jacquie and hope you’ll come back and share your link with us!
Kimberly Castleberry@Social Media for Beginners´s last blog post ..Why Commentluv’s Circle of Luv Is One Of My Ninja Traffic Secrets-


Jackie Schwabe July 9, 2010 at 5:40 pm

Michelle’s response was well thought out. I agree that folks are looking for how to fix their own issues. I think in order to be someone that people can look up to you have to have solved some issues for yourself. Having gone through and going through the journey that you are going through is awesome. I do not think you have to kill your brand or change it … but sending others on missions to make some of the same changes you are making might be a great idea. See where it takes you dear one.


Kimberly Castleberry@Social Media for Beginners July 12, 2010 at 1:02 am

I like the idea of sending them on a mission. This gives the viewer some action step they can work on and lets them see progress. Yes! Definitely a step in the right direction. Great idea Jackie,
Kimberly Castleberry@Social Media for Beginners´s last blog post ..Why Commentluv’s Circle of Luv Is One Of My Ninja Traffic Secrets-


Michelle July 10, 2010 at 10:24 am

Hi, it’s Michelle again.

No, I don’t have a blog yet.

I just hope you didn’t think I was being rude about your approach. I know you have to talk about your journey… I just thought your approach needed a bit of tweaking. I have to admit I’ve just recently found your You Tube and website, and hadn’t even watched ALL your videos before commenting. I was just going off my initial reaction to your latest videos. Now, after watching more of them, I have more of an idea where you are at in your life – and I certainly wasn’t suggesting your life was dull. I could have worded things a little differently, as I was really referring to some business websites and how they don’t ‘capture’ their viewers because they are too focused on themselves and not about solving the customer’s problem.

Anyway, I thought it was rude of the person to say you were sounded like a witch; a little eccentric maybe, but a witch, no way. I think you’re great, and have tons of potential. I’d come to a workshop you were hosting, but sadly I live in England, so it’s a bit far to come. I’ll keep following you on You Tube ….. it’s a lot of fun. Thanks for all the advice you give. I especially like the 15 minute thing. I can’t believe how much more productive I am now. I even got around to cleaning out the fridge – I hate that job!

Best wishes, Michelle x


Jacqueline Gates July 10, 2010 at 9:12 pm

Michelle dear, there was no way that your comment was misconstrued in anyway. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll have a speaking engagement in England!
And I’m utterly thrilled that the 15 minute system is working for you 🙂


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