Use What You Have To Get What You Want

by on February 16, 2011

Quite frankly, dear hearts, no matter what you wish for,  if you don’t Use What You Have right now, you’re just delaying getting what you want even more.

Each of us – yes, even you! – has at least something on which to start building our brand … a love of dogs (Cesar Milan), an insane work ethic (Will Smith), or a simply divine cleavage (Jayne Mansfield – pictured) … and I’d bet that most of us have purchased business tools and info that we have never fully utilized.

So many times we think we that what we have isn’t enough, or is too complicated, or god forbid, is last year’s model! **note- applies to all tools, including cleavage **

We don’t use what we have because what we don’t have is somehow always better.

We have a nasty tendency to underestimate the power of a tool because it’s free (like Facebook and Twitter) or overestimate it because it’s vastly expensive (*insert new launch name here*).

Likewise we drool over self-made phenomenons like Lady Gaga, Mark Zuckerberg and Jonathan Budd, but dismiss that earth-shattering idea we had last week as ‘silly’ and not worth pursuing.

This goddess is willing to bet that you have things that you know how to do but aren’t doing and tools that are still under-utilized, and if you just started to use what you have, fully and completely, your business and your life would move  forward.

Am I wrong? Probably not.

So dahlings,  let’s begin by taking a full assessment of everything we already have and start utilizing it fully.

  • Set up your Facebook fan page properly and begin a campaign to personally meet with 5 new people per day;
  • Write an article and submit it to the social bookmarking sites like Reddit or Ezines;
  • Take your blog seriously and fill it with wildly valuable content;
  • Use your webcam or video camera to make videos and load them on toYoutube;
    (Don’t be scared – it took me three months to scrape up the courage to use my Flipcam!)
  • Don’t forget the old-school winners like flyers, pull-tabs and postcards.

And remember, Google is your friend when it comes to answering the “How do I?” questions.

Now of course, once you start to use what you have, you may find that there’s something else you need – an auto-responder, capture page, splash pages, etc – and that’s quite ok.

With your new-found resourcefulness, you’ll be able to choose exactly the right tool for the right price and utilize it fully to make it worth every penny and minute of your time.

And your time, of course, is really the most important thing you have.


the goddess Jacqui

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Jackie Schwabe February 16, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Great video Goddess! Inspiring as always.


Jason@Make Beats February 16, 2011 at 11:19 pm

Hey Jacqueline,

I think we all have been there when we buy an e-book and read it but don’t apply it. I just thought about the tools I have and you’re right I do have everything I need to be successful. Being resourceful is something that is overlooked a lot now a days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jacqueline.
Jason@Make Beats´s last blog post ..What You Must Know About Making Beats Online – You’re Wasting Your Time If You Don’t Know These Tips


Kellie Hosaka @network marketing home business training February 17, 2011 at 1:57 am

I love it Goddess! Use what you have and master it! Yes, yes & Yes! Well, we certainly have also bought and used so many tools thinking “it” would be the “trick”. Then we found out, exactly as you say, unless we mastered the tool, it didn’t work like magic! Hmmm, it took me many years to figure out that I’m the one who had to become better.

Oh and you are so natural in your video! Your “light” is shinning! Thank you for a very valuable message today!

Much love & aloha,
Kellie 🙂
Kellie Hosaka @network marketing home business training´s last blog post ..Why We Do What We Do


Mike Griffin@the science of getting rich February 17, 2011 at 7:45 am

Insightful as always. A table saw, I never would have guessed.

Often we want things before we are ready for them and they take us away from the basics that we must be doing over and over to succeed.



Lidia February 17, 2011 at 12:30 pm

Oh, Jacqui I LOVE this video! A table saw 🙂 Toold and products don’t make the sales a person does!
Lidia´s last blog post ..How to Live Your Dreams&8230


Melody February 17, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Oh my goodness! All the tools I have bought or picked up for Free and never really used over the past almost seven months that I have been at this!! Yes it all comes down to time and how you use it. Thanks for the reminder that we need to properly use what we have right in front of us and quit jumping from one new thing to the next, just because it is “newer”or better”. You always inspire!


Melissa McCloud February 17, 2011 at 3:04 pm

you had me at cleavage!

it’s so easy to dismiss the ideas that run through my head everyday because of my underlying (and powerful!) voice that says “you’re not good enough” or “you don’t deserve it”.

it was suggested to me that i sit down and write what i’m good at and what i love to do. i love inspiring others, i love fitness, i love parties, i love socializing with people, i love making people feel good, i love accomplishing big things, and i love leading others. so guess what: that’s how i decided “marathon mamas” was SOMETHING! i am so excited and appreciate the feedback you gave me this week.

also, one of my fave lines from your video: “google will teach you everything you need to know!” …oh, what a wonderful time we live in!

by the way, the blue dress you made and put up on FB on monday is so fabulous!

talk soon goddess 🙂
Melissa McCloud´s last blog post ..Mom- I Joined A Cult


Holly February 17, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Oh yes the things that I have bought cause I thought I would learn something I didn’t already know. Which of course I perhaps would have if I had actually sat down and utilized what I had just bought!! So your words come as perfect wisdom, I do have all that I need right here and now, and now I get to take it to the world!! Me, myself and I have the power to take it where I want to go!! Thank you for your wonderful words!! Happy Exercising!!
Holly´s last blog post ..Exercise at your Desk- more actively


Christine Casey February 19, 2011 at 11:25 am

Hi Jacqui ~ Powerful post! And very real…in our current society, it seems to be the norm to think that what we already have may not be enough…I know I have been guilty of this too, and reading through your post was quite inspiring (and exciting) for me to realize that I already have what I need to get going on my way to success. What works for someone else, may not be right for me, and quite frankly, I’m a little exhausted with “chasing” the new thing of the week that everyone else is raving about working so well. These days, I find myself much being much more selective about what I really need in order to get me where I want to go instead of before, I think I had too much stuff that I was convinced I really needed, yet never got around to using, became overwhelmed and just stopped going forward. I do appreciate your post and can relate to it well ~ thanks for sharing! 🙂 Christine
Christine Casey´s last blog post ..Failure is not an option


Val Wilcox @ Empower Your Life February 21, 2011 at 7:23 pm

Ah, such wise advice Goddess Jacqui,
Instead of looking over our shoulder, wondering what new gadget or widget might be the one, we should & must look at what we already have. And use it! 🙂 Sometimes I feel a bit out in left field cause I don’t get into every new fad & program, yet I know deep down that the answer does lie within me. Wonderful reminder to keep on track with the tools we have, be aware of what’s new out there, and see how we can utilize what we have and know to achieve our results.
Val 😉
Val Wilcox @ Empower Your Life´s last blog post ..Attitude of Gratitude


Willena Flewelling February 27, 2011 at 4:17 am

What? You mean I can stop looking at all those shiny objects and tools that keep coming to my inbox or catching my eye on the internet??? LOL

Yes, Jacqui, you are so right. I have never spent a lot of money on tools and ebooks and such, but only because the money wasn’t there to spend. But I’ve sure collected a lot of freebies, and many of them from well known business and motivational speakers. WAY more than I’ll ever use.

Over the past year or two I have settled on just a few, and am learning to use them really well. And it’s definitely paying off!

Willena Flewelling
Willena Flewelling´s last blog post ..Gourmet Kitty – Personification of Persistence


marian meade May 2, 2011 at 3:42 pm

Hi Jacqueline!
Love your blogs! Love your energy and creativity.
! And this one in particular I needed to read today, as I prepare to launch my practice.
Thanks very much !


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