What I Believe … (aka A Manifesto of sorts)

by on May 9, 2012

Holed up in a Minnesota hotel room, this goddess has spent the past two days strategizing, clarifying and creating what will become my signature coaching system.

But before all that came a thorough investigation into
who I am and what I stand for,

because unless the platform is stable and the message clear,
one is almost doomed to failure at launch.

So here then, gentle reader, is the initial result ~
a lifetime of living condensed into bullet points;
a shopping list of values;
the software upon which I operate;
a manifesto of sorts.



I believe in harmony.

I believe in the betterment of self, which leads to betterment of everything.

I believe mediocrity is a living death and waiting to be special is a waste of time.

I believe in grace under pressure .

I believe we are all square pegs being pounded into round holes for the sake of uniformity and mass control,
and I believe it is my life’s work to help others create a life that fits.

I believe in Sunday family breakfasts with Granny’s china, cloth napkins, eggs, bacon, toast and too much marmalade.

I believe in owning my own truth, and at the same time allowing others the courtesy and dignity of owning theirs.

I believe that when a woman becomes herself – owning and celebrating and expanding her uniqueness – she’s a better friend, mother, wife, boss, entrepreneur, artist, citizen of the world.

I believe there is a place for debate but not argument.

I believe that most healing begins with hugs and tea and chocolate.

I believe in beauty, and that when we surround ourselves with that which we consider beautiful, we inoculate ourselves against boredom and the mundane.

I believe in the lusciousness of language, the power of words, and the correct use of apostrophes.

I believe there’s no such thing as over-dressing and that every woman should go grocery shopping in a ball gown,
or wear feathers with her business suit, at least once.

I believe in love.

And I believe that the greatest love affair you ever have should be with yourself … everything else will be a reflection of that.


What do you believe in, scrumptious one?

May I invite you to either add your manifesto-of-sorts to the comments below,
or write your own in a blog post and link it here so we can all come and visit.

Even if you don’t make it public, you’ll find the newly minted clarity to be utterly delicious.


Bliss-ings, love, and chocolate,

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