What is a Goddess Wink?

by on August 25, 2015

If you love TUT’s Notes from the Universe, you’re gonna love Goddess Winks.

This goddess wasn’t the first to coin the term “Goddess Wink”.
I heard it in a training from the utterly divine Elizabeth Purvis way back in 2012, who referred to them as:

“Nuggets of wisdom that sort of smack you round the head, send of sparks of inspiration/brilliance/I-could-do-this-and-this-and-this’s in your head, and generally make you go ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’.”

So I began sharing my own Goddess Winks on my Facebook wall, and whenever I did, I’d get emails + notes back to say they were ‘just what was needed’.

And it occurred to me that since time + FB timelines can whiz past rather fast, I should send them to my List-Lovelies in email form too.
In the introductory email, I described my Goddess Winks like this …

A morsel of wisdom,

a very, VERY quick read,
something to make you go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Most of the time, they’ll be my own words,
other times they’ll be quotes that I adore.

Either way, they’ll be worth the read.

Here’s the very first one I ever sent out :

GW 1

In the ensuing three years (gad! time flies!) I’ve religiously sent out Goddess Winks on Tuesdays + Thursdays.

And without fail, I’ll get replies like this …

Your wisdom gave me a boost today 🙂
Thank you sooo much,

awesome morsels thank you so much!

Timely and appropriate for today! The Universe always seems to know what affirmation is needed…funny huh? 🙂

You forever amaze me my Goddess, daily new things are revealed to me, as to what to keep and what to shed from my life.  It is getting so easy to live in the now. <3 Marilyn

You can read a few other Goddess Winks here + here but you get the idea.

No selling. No hype. Just something to make you think + smile + uplevel.
And to make ’em stand out from the other lusciousness I send out,
I put “Goddess Wink” right there in the subject line.

And it has this FAHbulously irreverent banner …

Goddess Winks







So, if you would like a sparkly nugget of goddess-y wisdom delivered into your inbox twice a week, pop your particulars into the boxes below + you’ll be all set.

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Of course, you’ll also get all the other insanely useful + epically transformational stuff too,
and of course, you’ll nevereverever be spammed.

Welcome to the List-Lovelies, angelface.

So pleased you’re here.



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