Why I’m Only Charging $30 For My Latest Program

by on March 14, 2014

This goddess has been doing a lot of soul-searching about pricing recently, more specifically about the prices of coaching these days.

Anyone who’s ever had to put a monetary value on a service knows how push-me-pull-you this process can feel, and you businessgoddess-soulpreneur-healer types know it more than most.

How does one put a dollar value on that heart-work you’re here to do?

There are a lot of different schools of thought on this (believe me, I’ve explored most of them) but here’s the dilemma ~
1. Charge what you’re worth, or …
2. Charge the value the client gets, or …
3. Charge what those-who-need-it can afford.

Charge What You’re Worth:
I don’t believe it’s healthy to have your personal worth tied up in the success of your business. Each of us is uniquely gifted. What we bring to our clients and to the world cannot be duplicated and therefore cannot be allocated a monetary value.

We are priceless.You are priceless. And worthy of everything you desire.

Equating your worthiness with your business’ success not only diminishes you, but makes you prey to its inevitable ups and downs of fortunes and seriously, girlfriend, you don’t need that rollercoaster.

Charge The Value The Client Gets:
Who’s to say what this is? That time with you could be so deeply transformational and life-altering that its priceless.

There’s also no telling WHEN that ‘value’ might appear. It could be as the words leave your lips … or days or weeks from the actual session so setting an upfront price is a thumb-suck at best.

And then there’s the cumulative effect of a deep awareness shift … the minute changes in behavior and actions that add up to a totally different life … again, unquantifiable, money-wise.

Charge what those-who-need-it can afford:
Firstly, we as coaches have absolutely no way of knowing what a client can or can’t afford (and we’re not about to ask, either). But I vividly remember being in that horrible place where I didn’t have the money to pay for the training/coaching I knew I needed to be able to make the money I wanted to buy the coaching I needed. Rock, meet hard place.

So if I really want to be accessible to those who are where I used to be, I would have to price low. Pricing low brings out questions of value. Again, rock/hard place.

On the other hand, pricing high often puts your genius out of reach of many of those you’d love to help.

So what’s a business goddess to do?
The answer is …

Whatever You Want To Do!

It’s your business … create it to suit you.

This is the deliciously terrifying/exhilarating/freeing fabulousness of being your own CEO.
You can create your own playground.

Ha! You thought I was going to give you a solution, didn’t you?

Nope. I’ve tried to fit myself into someone else’s template waaaay too often, with costly and disappointing results, to ever do the same to you.

But I will give you a totally undetailed, generalized guideline that I’ve seen work over and over again …

Focus on giving your perfect client a smorgasbord of ways to work with you:

  • Oodles of evergreen content on your blog (free);
  • Extra-special sharings with your list (in exchange for their email);
  • No-brainer-priced ebooks and short reports (what I call ‘latte money’);
  • Entry level group programs (like April Awesomization);
  • A Signature program ~ that thing you’re known for and really, really good at;
  • Platinum priced VIP days, where they get everything you’ve got along with highly personalized attention.

Where you price these offerings is entirely up to you … you can add and retire programs at each price level as your business evolves … and obviously you’d slot in your individual coaching where it feels right.

The best part of following this ‘recipe’ is that it allows you to honour your prospective clients exactly where they are and allows them the luxury of choosing at what level they’re ready to play with you at.

And that sounds like a very good thing.








PS Recently it was suddenly glaringly obvious that I didn’t have anything in between ‘free-on-my-blog’ and one-on-one coaching. Subsequent research resulted in this post and April Awesomization  … a group coaching program at a no-brainer price.

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Cassie March 14, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Fabulous Jacqui! Thank you for sharing your journey!! Of course I am totally on board with the do whatever you want plan.
Cassie´s last blog post ..Scripting to Possibility and Beyond


Christopher McCargar May 6, 2014 at 12:42 am

Goddess Jacqui…. You are Brilliant and Beautiful , but should a third “B”, for “Bargain” be attached to your moniker? I love your style and I don’t think you should offer it on the low end… at least not promote it as such.

I think you have a lot of “Goddess” to offer which I would not expect to find in the “discount bin”. VALUE 🙂


Dinesh September 10, 2014 at 2:12 pm

Hey, thats a great article. Thanks a lot for sharing your Digital Journey!!


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