Would You Like Me To Be YOUR DeCluttering Buddy??

by on February 24, 2012

Every time I write something about decluttering,
or making your home into a sanctuary,
or my secret weapon against household chaos,
I always get oodles of responses.

Usually they’ll say something like …

“I love this, but just can’t get started.”

“I’m just completely overwhelmed!”

and most often …

“I just wish you could come over and help me!”

Oh how that last one tugged at my heart strings!

I do so wish I could pop over to your house,
brew a pot of tea,
(or pour a glass of wine, or two)
and sit, laugh, sort, uncover, throw out and beautify
so that your next becomes a sanctuary worthy of the goddess that you are.

Until now, I really couldn’t work out how to do that.

But the Techno Gods heard my sighs and guess what, darling heart?


Here’s how we can do it.

The utterly brilliant goddess Leonie is relaunching this fabulous course
on March 1st.

A six-week adventure for when you’re wanting & needing &¬†craving
a space that is a true haven for your the Goddess in You!

You’ll use space clearing techniques to make your space’s energy sparkle.

You’ll learn how to divinely declutter.

You’ll dive into inspired interior design.

You’ll be empowered with all of the wisdom, tools & techniques you need
to make your space feel & look amazing to you.

And you’ll end up with a home that is a sanctuary just for you.

And I’ll be there every step of the way!

Each week you’ll receive your assignment via email.

It’ll have two parts –
a divine decluttering element
and a sacred space clearing element.

Then starting in the second week, we will have a group call on which
I’ll share all my own tips and tricks from doing this every year,
as well as hold your hand as you uncover and discover what’s been
buried under all that ‘stuff’.

It’ll be like having your own Lifestyle Expert on tap!

You CAN Create Your Goddess Haven, sweetie. I promise.

Darling, before I became a House Goddess, I was disorganized and frazzled
with trying to balance a very busy theatre career
with two small highly energetic children.

If you have a home business,
or an office or retail job,
you know what a juggling act that can be.

Slowly I discovered and created oodles of ways
to stay on top of my housekeeping,
have time for my career,
AND put an interesting and tasty meal on the table
at the same time every night.

And now that my days are filled with coaching, and writing, and business building,
I still rely on all that household wizardry to keep me organized and sane and productive.

Scrumptious one, I can show you how to do this.

And the best part is,
it won’t cost you a penny extra.

Just buy Creating Your Goddess Haven through this link
(goddess Leonie shares the moolah with me – isn’t that nice?)
and email me your confirmation receipt.

I’ll be in touch to let you know the call details once everybody’s on board.

It’s going to be fun.
And probably life changing.

And really, sweetie, you deserve to have a home that supports and nourishes you.

Join me and fellow lovelies in Creating Your Goddess Haven

Sign up now and send me your confirmation.

It’s time, don’t you think?

I know it’s just SO important to have a functional, happy, calm space in order for our lives to sing
and our dreams to come true.

Don’t put it off another day.


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