Picture this … in the theater of your real-life life, the house lights are low, the audience grows silent.

From the void, a single beam pierces the darkness, a perfectly illuminated spotlight on stage.

Who will step into it?

Will it be you?

Glorious one, if I shone a spotlight on you, right now, on the panoramic stage that is your life, would you be happy with how you are illuminated?

Would we see you? in all your undiluted, unapologetic YOU-ness?
Or would we see all the masks and layers of costumes/roles you’ve been hiding behind?

Here’s what I know to be true:
whatever you desire, whatever you aim for,
wherever your personal North Star to self-satisfaction leads,
the Leading Lady in you can make it happen.

You landed here because you’ve outgrown your supporting role.
And you’re so done with being typecast as who you used to be – no matter how successful you might have been at it.

Dahling, it’s time.

Aaaaand .. Five, Six, Seven, EIGHT!

*For ‘ladies’ of all shapes, sizes, skin shades and sexual persuasions

Like my favorite leading man, Leo DiCaprio said,
Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

Your next level goal is a role that
you can start living now (and evermore)
with the mindset, methodology and magic
you’ll learn in Leading Lady U.

My love, you’ve been playing a minor character in the story of your life for far too long, and I am here to say “No More!”

You deserve to feel – and more importantly, to be treated and paid – like the leading lady you were born to be.

Cherished, adored, accomplished … and waited on, hand and foot, why not? 

Because you know you’re ready for more than … *gestures vaguely … this, yes?

There’s a part of you that knows she’s ready to step out onto that stage,
to stop rehearsing and start playing her signature role to the hilt,
with the surroundings and wardrobe and lifestyle that’s utterly, unmistakably YOU.

But the understudy part of you is hanging back and won’t let you go out until you’re more “prepared”.

What your understudy self hasn’t realized yet is that there’s a difference between being ready and being prepared.

Angelface, you can never really be fully prepared to alleviate all the butterflies and the second-guessing that our human brains are wired to do. Life is full of plot twists, yes?

But you are ready – you’ve already got the part. You just have to learn how to play it.



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Paula Gardner

If you had told me 3 months ago that I would be in this place, I would have laughed in disbelief. And yet, here I am.
Jacqueline drew from me a vivid vision of where I want to be, what I want to do, how I want to see and move through my world, and helped me arrange my outer environment and inner landscape so I can create what I desire.
The transformation continues.  The excitement of stepping into my new role is now exhilaration at recognizing that I’m here, I’m the star of my story, and I can expand it in any direction I want.

This is your cue. 

As an actress, master of stagecraft, glamour magician and life coach extraordinaire, I will show you exactly how to get everything you want from life.

Starting right where you are, with what you have. 

Watch and see…

Once you start embodying the role of Leading Lady of your own damn life, you’ll see

  • That goal that’s eluded you forever, suddenly dropping into your lap
  • Instead of envying the woman in the restaurant who seems to command the room, you find you are that woman;
  • the things you’ve tried, in your search for happiness and fulfillment, finally click into place and you have moments of utter contentment right where you are;
  • that the Leading Lady in you knows exactly what to do, in any situation, to turn it toward your advantage, and make your own damn dreams come true;
  • how easy it is to magically discover the relationship of your dreams, career fulfillment, harmonious friendships…

all while being unabashedly, utterly, fabulously you.

You’ll feel the glow of the spotlight – and yes, the butterflies too – as you scoop up flowers, corporate accolades, a standing ovation of applause ……

Or perhaps in your life, it will look like ..

  • having to start that waiting list because you’re finally fully booked and you’re honouring the whitespace on your calendar;
  • or asking clearly for that raise, without your voice wobbling;
  • leaving on that solo vacation you’ve been dreaming of for years;
  • or simply sighing with delight as you gaze round your home after an impromptu dance party in the kitchen with your kids …

Whatever your version of success looks like,
it requires you to BE the Leading Lady of your own damn life.

Your days as a sidekick are over. Your leading lady life awaits.

Hello, dahlink!
I’m Jacqueline Gates –
Leading lady, coach, house alchemist and doyenne of deliciously theatrical identity shifting

Like most ‘overnight successes’, I come by this work the honest way, through hard work and hard-won expertise: a quarter-century on the theatrical stages of two continents, a dozen years reinventing entrepreneurship, and nine years as a coach.

I know what it’s like to be in debt, and (supported by a husband) without any personal financial autonomy. I know what it’s like to find yourself living a life you built but which (it turns out) you don’t love and now you’re kinda stuck with.

An extremely fortunate combination of innate talent, career choices and life experiences led me to uncover a methodology that has resulted in my building the life and business of my dreams, and coaching hundreds of other women to do the same.

It’s tucked into the phrase “acting as if”, but that’s only half the story. The other half (the bit that actually works!) is what is now available to you in Leading Lady U.

Leading Lady U is your invitation to explore, rehearse and master the elements that create a show-stopping role, and translate them into real-life results –

Will you accept?


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Know this – Whatever Goal You’ve Been After?

There’s a version of you that has that, is doing that, is living that.

There is science and quantum physics and esoteric wisdom to support this statement.
Not to mention all the clients that have proven it to themselves through their work with me.

Your job is to begin reorienting your present toward that future reality. I’ve built a framework to help you do that.

Rashida Bonds

Jacqui creates a space where magic and the ‘real world’ play together, and taught me how to be a compelling leading lady in my own life.
For so long, I was comfortable being the ‘understudy’, because there is no pressure. It’s not my name in lights, or on the playbill. Jacqui helped me develop my new character, learn my lines, and I now feel prepared to pull off a tremendous show.

I know you’re smart.

As a rational intelligent being, you understand that you are (mostly) in control.

But if you are secretly (or not so secretly) waiting for a celestial script writer to change your story, you may be experiencing some or all of these symptoms:

  • hiding
  • resentment
  • disappointment
  • guilt
  • burn out
  • tolerating

None of this is your fault.

We have all been conditioned to play supporting roles: to put partners’, children’s and society’s needs ahead of our own.

But this story only ends in disappointment – It leads to a life of might-have-beens.

And I won’t stand for it!

Here’s the cold hard unglamourous truth:
nobody else is going to write your script or direct your actions for you. 

I know you have tried so many, many times to step into that spotlight… to finally start living the life you’ve been visualizing or illustrating on all those vision boards

but then .. seemingly inevitably .. motivation to change falls by the wayside and you find yourself doing what you’ve always done. Being who you’ve always been.

And you’re so damn sick of ‘starting again’.

I get it. I’ve been there. And I have one question for you …

How long will you let this go on for?

It’s time, dahling.

There’s a plot twist brewing, when the supporting character will no longer ignore the light inside her, and settle for less than her heart’s wildest desires. She emerges, victorious, from the crowd, determined to shine.

That time is now.

This page is your plot twist.

The leading lady is you.

Join us in Leading Lady U – and in 90 days, you’re going to love who you emerge as.

Whatever success looks like to you, it requires you to be the Leading Lady of your own damn life.

I will show you exactly how to get everything you want from life, starting where you are, with what you have. And you’ll be able to do it over and over again, as many times as you choose to reinvent yourself.

For those who want more detail, here’s the progamme for Leading Lady U –

Act I: The Audition

Out of all your possible potential Future Selves, who do you want to be Next?

What do you want to be living, experiencing, celebrating in 90 days from now?

The good news is, you’ve already got the part. It was yours all along.

Even if you don’t have the “grand finale” details yet.

The first two weeks are devoted to the lavish focus on your goal-role and building The Framework to make her real.

Act II: The Rehearsals

Now you’re going to navigate towards that version of you, starting where you are, with what you have, with my highly experienced hand at your elbow.

You’ll learn to set the stage (in your home, your office, your virtual worlds),

rescript your words, tweak your wardrobe and maybe master a few new dance moves.

We have an evergreen, easily implementable curriculum for all of that

And it’ll be available to you forever, no matter how many times you reinvent yourself.

Act III: The Embodiment

This is acting-as-if on steroids!

No amount of new info will make a difference until you do something with it.

But we’re all busy and none of us live in a vacuum.

So the Framework is designed to allow you to begin showing up as your Future Self even as you navigate your current obligations and schedule.

Lisa Marie Hayes

I can only describe Jacqueline Gates as an alchemist.
Her work is rooted in the ordinary details of daily life, and steeped in magic that nurtures and transforms.
Working with Jacqui feels deceptively soft. She is so tender, you may not note the heat of her fierceness. But she facilities a kind of growth that makes things instantly better, and helps you birth the most intentional change you will ever experience.
Do yourself a favour: get into her world and let the alchemy begin.

This is your invitation to STAR

LEADING LADY U is your magical, pragmatic and strategic journey with Jacqueline Gates

It’s for the woman who’s ready to claim her place at centerstage, go after her dreams, and become the leading lady of her own damn life.

It’s your rehearsal space to explore, develop and master the elements that create a show-stopping role, and translate them into real-life results.

No more waiting.

It’s time to show the world what you’re really made of.


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And because I know your beautiful human brain might (still) be telling you you’re not ready …

Here’s what it takes to claim the starring role of your one glorious life

*Spoiler alert – you already got the part, remember? There’s no question about that.

Nonetheless, when people decide to take charge and claim their personal centerstage, there are a few very normal challenges that can scupper the plot twist and derail the new story .

In my (vast and masterful) experience, they fall into three areas –

1. The Role (aka the identity shift)

The Leading Lady might ask her director: “what’s my motivation?” And for good reason; she needs to understand – inside and out – the persona she is to play.
Nobody could or should expect you to embody the Leading Lady version of you, without fully developing your new role first.  

That’s where things have gone sideways before, yes?

In Leading Lady U, we will workshop together and bring to life your Next Future Self, that version of you that proudly claims the spotlight and lives life on her terms.

We’re going to employ all the skills and magic of the theater – Including costuming, makeup and glamour, scripting and voice work, rehearsal and immersion.

AND I have the coaching skills to help you drop any ‘understudy’ habits that try to dim your light, in the name of keeping you safe.

2. The Set (aka your immediate surroundings)

A star does not perform in a void. The environment in which we find our leading lady (aka the set) provides vital context to both her character and her story. Likewise, her supporting cast must all play their role – or risk being written out.

I’m going to give you tips and tools and practices to begin shaping your story through your own ‘set’; ie the physical locations in which your story plays out – your home, your office, your favorite coffee shop – and which ‘cue’ you to make yours a narrative of triumph – or a rerun of same-old-same-old.

3. The Embodiment (aka staying “in character”)

I have studied leading ladies of all types for years. But even the most perfunctory of googling/research on your favourite leading lady and you will reveal anecdotes of audacity, stamina, commitment to her craft and steadfast devotion to her own evolution.

Dahling, changing the course of an entire life is deceptively simple, but it ain’t always easy. Old habits, as the saying goes, die hard. (which is why having a master coach backstage helps enormously)

We’ll rehearse this new role until it is second nature, and I’ll be there as co-director if you forget your lines.

Caution: This work may cause disorientation and unexpected plot twists in all areas – not just the ones you’re working in.

This live program runs for twelve weeks:
January 3rd to March 28th 2023 SOLD OUT and includes:

Evergreen video lessons on The Tools of Stage Craft, Being the Leading Lady, and Just Add Magic – from me, Jacqueline Gates, for you to study at your leisure and only as needed. Each video has a time-stamped transcript for easy reference and downloadable PDF notes. No fire-hosing of material here.

– Live lessons specifically choreographed to give you what you need most, and put theory into practice, right away. Calls are at 2:00pm Central on Tuesdays, with a few extras at 7:00pm in January

An ever-expanding, downloadable library of short but potent lessons in PDF form – elegant, efficient, implementable, yours to keep forever

Additional live Q&A calls in the first month – so you get the specific info you need to see results fast

Twelve Spotlight Session calls, where you get to be the center of attention, in 15 minutes of live 1:1 coaching or workshopping with your co-Director (moi!).

A Safe and sumptuous community and rehearsal space off Facebook, where you can interact as much or as little as your YOU-ness prefers.


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Sooo, dahling, will I see you there?

You have a choice now, yes?

You can click away from this page and let your Present Self get distracted with your Present Day Life.

OR you can click on one of those snazzy Ticket Office buttons and be transported to a realm where your Leading Lady self is not just possible, or even probable, but pretty much inevitable.

There’s already a version of you who knows her lines, has perfected her costume and makeup, and is just waiting to take center stage and shape her life into a blockbuster hit.

I can’t wait to introduce you to her.

With love and bliss-ings,


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